FunGig Creator Steve Young Explains Why He Started the Company

July 07, 2017
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San Diego, CA, June 30, 2017 - FunGig is an exciting new way for people to find cheap things to do in San Diego. Creator Steve Young recently explained why he started the company and how he came up with the idea.

Steve is a big snowboarder who realized a couple of years ago that the best times he had on a new mountain were when he teamed up with locals who could point out the best lines and where to find the freshest powder. Since then he had been trying build on those experiences and to think of ways to pair locals with tourists or newcomers to help them find fun things to do in San Diego.

It occurred to him that many people, including himself, fall into ruts where they are simply working and coming home just to sit in front of the TV or cell phones, tablets, or computer screens. An easy way to break free from these ruts is to connect with other locals who are “in the know” and can provide insight into cheap things to do in San Diego.

Steve created FunGig so people can simply look at their phone and find something to do in their area at a certain time and within their budget. A quick look at FunGig provides Funseekers with awesome activities that they might not have otherwise thought of and that can be enjoyed with a local expert.

FunGig believes that life is for living, not passively sitting around staring at a screen. Visit to sign up as a Funseeker to find great things to do in San Diego or as a Funbassador to share a skill while earning some extra spending money.

About FunGig

FunGig is a company that believes San Diego is not only America’s Finest City, but also America’s Funnest City. Its goal is to allow locals to share their passions, make connections, and also earn some income on the side while doing so. There are countless things to do in San Diego, from great food to the beaches, the nightlife, local events, and much more. FunGig makes it easy for those in the San Diego area to connect with one another and share amazing experiences.

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About FunGig:

FunGig is a marketplace for fun. There are Funbassadors and funseekers. All FunGigs fall under 1 of the 8 major fun categories: Art & Music, Food & Beverage, Fun & Leisure, Kids Activities, Nightlife, Sightseeing & Tours, Sports & Outdoors, Events.

Contact FunGig:

Steve Young
4241 Jutland Dr. Ste. 204A, San Diego, CA 92117

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