About ManageByStats:

ManageByStats.com is a software platform built by Amazon Sellers, for Amazon Sellers, to provide functions not provided well by Amazon or other services, including product sales performance graphs displayed by Brand, Product Line and individual Products.

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Philip Jepsen, CEO
411 Cleveland Street, Suite 110
Clearwater FL 33755

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November 04, 2019
Today ManageByStats CEO, Philip Jepsen, announced that their new tool suite, called Catapult, has been added to the main site. (read more...)
October 17, 2019
Today the CEO of ManageByStats, Philip Jepsen, announced the release of a new training video for one of their listing optimization tools, Wordsmith. (read more...)
October 08, 2019
ManageByStats CEO, Philip Jepsen, reports MBS will be part of the latest edition of the popular Amazing Selling Machine, releasing over the next few weeks. (read more...)
September 23, 2019
Today the CEO of ManageByStats, Philip Jepsen, reported MBS has added a notifications feature to their suite of tools for Amazon sellers. (read more...)
September 06, 2019
Automatic invoice generation is now available in ManageByStats, with an improved overall interface. (read more...)
August 26, 2019
Amazon has just launched its find-a-partner directory in the US, and ManageByStats is included in the directory. (read more...)
August 07, 2019
ManageByStats has added the ability to download missing products using their MBS Chrome Plugin. (read more...)
July 16, 2019
This week ManageByStats announced the release of three new tools for their Catapult suite. (read more...)
June 13, 2019
ManageByStats has announced an update to their user interface. (read more...)
May 21, 2019
Today ManageByStats announced the system now gathers and reports keyword search rank automatically. (read more...)
May 06, 2019
ManageByStats Senior VP, Morgan Fagerman, reports there will be a show special offered by ManageByStats at the upcoming IRCE show in Chicago. (read more...)
April 29, 2019
ManageByStats will attend this year’s IRCE show in Chicago. (read more...)
November 12, 2019
A comprehensive video covering the use of ManageByStats for the purpose of expanding an Amazon business is now available for replay. (read more...)
October 24, 2019
As part of their new marketing initiative, ManageByStats will be launching a video series, tentatively titled: “How to Hunt a Whale in the Amazon”. (read more...)
October 11, 2019
ManageByStats has released a product finding tool which is included in the MBS program. (read more...)
September 30, 2019
Users of ManageByStats can now choose their preferred date format, according to MBS CEO, Philip Jepsen. (read more...)
September 16, 2019
Additional functionality has been added to the ManageByStats Advertising tool. (read more...)
August 28, 2019
Today ManageByStats announced plans to launch a revamped and more extensive marketing division to continue the growth of the brand’s overall presence and recognition. (read more...)
August 19, 2019
CEO of ManageByStats, Philip Jepsen, reports that improvements have been made to the export option for their Keyword Scout tool. (read more...)
July 30, 2019
CEO of ManageByStats, Philip Jepsen, announced that their Keywords Tracker tool, a tool for monitoring keyword rank which has a tiered pricing subscription, now has reduced pricing at all levels. (read more...)
July 08, 2019
ManageByStats has released a new site, with new landing pages for all products. (read more...)
May 28, 2019
ManageByStats will be at Booth 1358 at the IRCE Show in Chicago, June 25-27, 2019. (read more...)
May 17, 2019
Today ManageByStats announced that Amazon sellers planning to attend the IRCE show in Chicago, coming up in June, can take advantage of a promo code to get a discount on tickets. (read more...)
May 06, 2019
Today ManageByStats has announced a new inventory tool. (read more...)
April 09, 2019
ManageByStats has released a new tool that allows users to enter Additional Expenses for their Amazon business. (read more...)