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Dependable Homebuyers is a local home buying company in Maryland. We buy houses in any condition and any situation. If you want to sell your house fast, give us a call at (443) 219-8331 and we’ll provide you a cash offer within 24 hours.

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Evan Roberts
7089 Copperwood Way, Columbia, MD 21046
(443) 219-8331

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April 05, 2019
Dependable Homebuyers has announced it is buying houses directly from owners who have tenants presently residing in the property. (read more...)
April 04, 2019
Dependable Homebuyers is buying houses from property owners who intend to downsize. (read more...)
April 03, 2019
Maryland based Dependable Homebuyers is encouraging owners of residential properties to sell during the spring season. (read more...)
March 01, 2019
Dependable Homebuyers, a We Buy Houses company, is proud to announce that they have recently had an article published on a finance and investwebsite. (read more...)
February 27, 2019
The real estate market suffered last year from increasing mortgage rates. (read more...)
February 22, 2019
Dependable Homebuyers is offering a straightforward solution for sellers of homes with structural issues. (read more...)
February 20, 2019
Dependable Homebuyers has announced that they have recently published a blog post offering expert tips on real estate investing. (read more...)
January 29, 2019
Dependable Homebuyers, a forward-thinking and innovative "We Buy Houses" company is facing a backlash from competitors worried that their modern approach to the real estate business could challenge th (read more...)
January 17, 2019
More and more homeowners are beginning to go online in order to find solutions for selling their homes fast. (read more...)
January 07, 2019
Columbia, MD - There is great news will those who own a home and are not sure of how much it may be worth. (read more...)
January 04, 2019
Baltimore MD - Dependable Homebuyers, a leading home buying company based in Baltimore MD, is today delighted to announce their new property divorce solution scheme. (read more...)
January 03, 2019
A growing housing supply is critical to sustaining a healthy of the real estate market. (read more...)
April 08, 2019
Dependable Homebuyers has announced recently that in addition to the many different types of properties they are interested in buying throughout Columbia, they are also keenly interested in buyin (read more...)
April 05, 2019
Maryland based real estate investment company Dependable Homebuyers has announced that it is buying flooded houses. (read more...)
April 04, 2019
There was recently an article posted by a home buying enthusiast who had come across many failures when it came to real estate investment. (read more...)
April 02, 2019
We Buy Houses company Dependable Homebuyers is interested in pre-owned homes for sale in any location and condition. (read more...)
February 28, 2019
Dependable Homebuyers, a game changing real estate company, is facing a backlash from real estate agents who worried that their modern approach to the real estate business could challenge the status q (read more...)
February 25, 2019
The real estate market has been cooling down for quite some time now. (read more...)
February 21, 2019
Dependable Homebuyers, a nationwide real estate investor, is buying residential properties directly from the owners. (read more...)
February 04, 2019
Columbia, MD based housing company Dependable Homebuyers is proud to announce a new program to help homeowners sell their homes. (read more...)
January 17, 2019
Columbia, MD -- For many people who need a change, relocation can be an attractive opportunity. (read more...)
January 14, 2019
Columbia, MD – A website dedicated to helping homeowners sell their homes fast is getting a lot of attention as the housing market begins to cool. (read more...)
January 04, 2019
Columbia, MD - Dependable Homebuyers, a professional home buying company, has identified our current real estate market as one of the hottest times to make money by flipping houses. (read more...)
January 03, 2019
Columbia, MD - Dependable Homebuyers, an expanding and innovative home buying company based in Columbia, MD is proud to announce that they have recently been featured in the leading real estate invest (read more...)
January 02, 2019
Columbia, MD - Evan Roberts of Dependable Homebuyers has written and published an interesting and educational blog post to his website that builds the case for investing in real estate. (read more...)

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