Dependable Homebuyers Provide Alternative to Listing With a Realtor

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Dependable Homebuyers is excited to publicise the fact that they provide the number one national alternative solution to listing a house with a real estate agent. The process of selling a house can be expensive. It requires paying for the upkeep and maintenance of the home until it's sold, as well as listing with an agent who takes a commission from the sale price. Dependable Homebuyers provides homeowners with a way around this, by buying houses directly from them. Homeowners can click here to review these services. This means that there are no agents taking commissions on their sales and they can offer more money than most other companies in the industry. They're able to do this because they don't have any overhead costs associated with maintaining properties or hiring people to do so - which is why homes listed through them are often priced higher than those sold through other companies.

"We work with sellers who are sour on the idea of working with a real estate agent to sell their home," says a representative at Dependable Homebuyers. "Everyone tends to have their own reason. Some want to save on the commission while others have had a poor experience in the past when working with a Realtor. Whatever the reason, our goal is to provide a home selling service that meets every clients' needs no matter their justification."

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The home selling solution offered by Dependable Homebuyers isn't for every homeowner. The major downside to this is that the homeowner doesn't have a say in who eventually buys their house and how it's marketed. If they're looking for more control, then listing with an agent might be better option. But those interested in getting rid of their home quickly should definitely consider Dependable Homebuyers. They are able to close on homes within weeks as opposed to months or years like most agents would do - which means homeowners can get out from under their current mortgage sooner rather than later when circumstances change. The reality is that selling a home includes many moving parts, some which they can control and some that are out of their hands. Most people dream about the stress-free sale where the owner simply list their house, quickly find qualified buyers, collect cash on hand over keys; but in real life this isn't always possible with all these aspects to consider.

Dependable Homebuyers has been in business for over a decade and their home selling solutions are best for owners who have equity in their home. Just over one-third of all American households own their home free and clear according to recent data from Zillow. This includes both houses and apartment buildings, not just owner-occupied condos. To learn more about the properties Dependable Homebuyers buys, readers can visit

A home is a big investment, so homeowners should do everything possible to make it look great both inside and out. This includes deciding where or not hiring the right real estate agent that will get buyers interested in the property is the best choice for their situation. Dependable Homebuyers works with homeowners to assess their own situation and determine if working with them is the best solutions. "We want to work with homeowners who want to work with us," stated the company representative. "We do not use strong sales tactics nor do we try to strong arm owners into selling with us. Our goal is to find the best solution for the homeowners problems, even if it means referring them to a real estate agent."

Many people who sell their homes themselves don't realize the ramifications of hiring a real estate agent or selling to a home buying company until it's too late and then end up regretting that decision for many reasons. This includes not knowing where to start with putting a house on the market or how much time is needed before finding qualified buyers, getting less money from the sale because no commissions were paid to agents (most real estate agencies charge six percent commission), or having buyer questions go unanswered during negotiations, closing processes, inspections, etc.; having any issues at settlement—all usually handled by professionals in this industry--receive insufficient attention as someone may have been unprepared to handle certain aspects of these transactions and could wind up costing the homeowner a lot of money. Dependable Homebuyers prides itself in prioritizing the education of homeowners of their options before contracts are signed.

When a homeowner sells to Dependable Homebuyers they don't have any costs related to hiring an agent which may include advertising fees, potential brokerage fee (several percent of the sale price), or a listing agent fee (six percent commission). Their website is a great source of real estate information. There are no other costs related to selling a house fast as Dependable Homebuyers pay top dollar. This means homeowners get more cash from the sale without needing to pay any additional fees which can save homeowners thousands.

Dependable Homebuyers operates nationally and can be reached by phone or email. Their hours are 9 am EST - 7 pm EST Monday through Friday and 10 am EST to 6 pm EST on Saturday. Give them a call today at (443) 219-8331.

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Dependable Homebuyers is a local home buying company in Maryland. We buy houses in any condition and any situation. If you want to sell your house fast, give us a call at (443) 219-8331 and we’ll provide you a cash offer within 24 hours.

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