Piedmont Foundation Repair Unveils New Wall Support Services, Elevating Home and Commercial Building Safety

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Piedmont Foundation Repair, a reputable contractor situated in Charlotte and distinguished for its proficiency in foundation repair, is delighted to announce an expansion of its suite of services. This expansion includes new wall support solutions tailored for bulging basement walls and collapsing retaining walls. This new offering is a seamless extension of Piedmont Foundation Repair's already comprehensive list of services dedicated to preserving and enhancing the structural integrity of both homes and commercial buildings. Boasting over three decades of industry experience, the firm is well-known for its ability to address sophisticated foundation challenges that frequently deter other contractors.

The company's strong reputation is grounded in its meticulous craftsmanship in areas such as foundation repair, chimney leveling, house leveling, and limited access drilling. Recognizing the paramount importance of foundation health, Piedmont Foundation Repair employs cutting-edge techniques and materials to rectify common issues like dry-wall cracks, sloping floors, and doors that stick. Their unwavering attention to detail is evidenced by the fact that Piedmont Foundation Repair has never encountered a warranty claim, highlighting their dedication to quality and customer contentment.

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Chris Murrmann, spokesperson for Piedmont Foundation Repair, underscored the critical need for timely intervention when it comes to foundation and structural problems. "Ignoring the signs of foundation and structural damage can lead to more severe problems down the line. Our goal is to provide homeowners with peace of mind by offering comprehensive services that tackle any issue, no matter how complex. The addition of wall support services for bulging basement walls and collapsing retaining walls further strengthens our ability to ensure the safety and stability of our client's properties."

One of the most notable services offered by the company is house leveling. As homes age, they may begin to settle due to a variety of reasons, which can result in uneven floors and, in more serious cases, significant structural issues. The experienced team at Piedmont Foundation Repair is adept at leveling houses to avert further damage and maintain the property's overall value. Similarly, their chimney leveling service is designed to correct leaning or tilting chimneys that could become serious safety hazards if ignored.

The company also excels in limited access drilling, a crucial service for projects where traditional drilling methods are not feasible owing to spatial limitations. Piedmont Foundation Repair's specialized equipment and profound expertise enable them to undertake drilling in constrained spaces, ensuring they can handle even the most challenging projects.

Murrmann added, "Our dedication to tackling challenging projects and delivering exceptional results has made us a trusted partner in the Charlotte engineering community. We're not just contractors; we're problem solvers committed to ensuring the structural integrity of every building we work on. With the addition of our new wall support services, our clients can rest assured that their homes and buildings are in capable hands. For more information about our range of services and how we can assist with your foundation repair needs, please visit our website."

For homeowners grappling with foundation issues or structural concerns, Piedmont Foundation Repair provides a complimentary problem evaluation. Their allegiance to utilizing premier materials and adhering to best practices assures that every foundation is robust and reliable, protecting the safety of occupants and the investment value of the property.

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Piedmont Foundation Repair, LLC, is a specialty foundation repair contractor with more than 20 years of experience. We service all your foundation repair needs including mud jacking, micro piles, soil nails, helical piers and structural wood rot repair.

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