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Akron, Ohio -

The Allen Thomas Group, based in Akron, OH, is pleased to announce their specialty insurance services are for craft breweries. Interested parties may contact the firm today to begin their easy 3-Step process and attain the coverage they need.

A craft brewery refers to a small-scale or independent beer production facility that focuses on producing unique and high-quality beers. Unlike large commercial breweries that produce beer on a massive scale, craft breweries are typically characterized by their emphasis on craftsmanship, creativity and innovation. The Allen Thomas Group is no stranger to innovation, and their craft brewery insurance products have been fine-tuned to directly meet the needs of such enterprises.

craft brewery insurance coverage

One of the main reasons craft breweries require protection is the fact that they are run by passionate, talented individuals, and this typically means the business will be run as a small startup. Production may flow smoothly in the beginning, but as anyone with experience will know, even the best-laid plans can and will go wrong in time. As such, it is in an owner’s best interests to protect themselves and their business from the inevitable challenges and hurdles they will face.

“At this stage of your growth,” comments a representative from The Allen Thomas Group, “it will be vulnerable to a wide variety of issues that may be entirely out of control. Consider, for example, whether your location makes you vulnerable to flooding or other disasters? Are you prepared to deal with a major accident and the enormous financial strain that often follows?”

These challenges may arrive in numerous forms. The Allen Thomas Group says they have seen craft breweries being forced to grapple with equipment breakdown, product contamination, leakage and so on. Given the customer-centric nature of this type of business, there is also a potential for guests or workers to be injured, which in turn could lead to liability claims.

The Allen Thomas Group offers a shield in the form of their Custom Brewery Insurance Program — which is designed to take the needs of each individual business into account. Prior to launching this service, the firm undertook a comprehensive assessment of the main pitfalls that tend to plague craft breweries in their infancy. This information helped them design a specialty Microbrewery Insurance Program, and the firm assures that further adjustments or additions may be made depending on needs of the brewery in question.

In essence, the firm has bundled general liability, property coverage, inland marine, and other policies into an all-encompassing package. This was achieved with the help of their licensed insurance brokers. The package offers coverage in the following areas (identified by the firm to be the most significant exposures a craft brewery typically faces): production, distribution, retail, and management.

Despite having launched recently, the service has already made a difference in the lives of owners across the region. As one grateful customer shares, the firm is known for being, “Very helpful and friendly. They quickly put together great insurance coverage for my new brewery!”

This review speaks directly of the quality of the firm’s services with regard to craft breweries, but those who have worked with The Allen Thomas Group before will know that this premium experience is evident in virtually every situation they become involved in.

For instance, another review on the same platform sheds light on the personalized nature of the firm’s assistance, explaining that, “Gwendolyn is knowledgeable, responsive, kind and empathetic. She was exactly what I needed when I was going through a tough time. She patiently answered all of my questions and helped me understand how I can make the right choice for me. I am so grateful to have had her on my team, as my agent. I highly recommend Gwen for her excellent, and above and beyond customer service.”

The Allen Thomas Group’s 3-Step process allows clients to learn about insurance for craft breweries before they make any commitments. To get started, owners may reach out to the firm’s office via phone or email. The process may also be launched through The Allen Thomas Group’s website.

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