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International Mover, based in the UK, is reaching out to help travellers learn more about the intricacies of international shipping to Australia. Given how challenging an international move can be, the team’s advice can prove invaluable to anyone who is planning a trip in the near future.

There are many mental and emotional hurdles to overcome during such a transition, the team points out, but the method by which people move forward here can be somewhat subjective. Conversely, the solutions to more practical concerns are often more universal in nature, so it can be helpful to understand the path others have taken since this will most likely be relevant for the upcoming move as well. Further, it is highly recommended that planners seek the most recent advice possible — information in this field can quickly become outdated as a result of policy changes and so on.

International shipping to Australia

An excellent example of an area planners have to stay aware of is the customs process. This is often dependent on the destination and may be subject to change as time goes on. A customs process that was in effect last year, for instance, may have small changes today that nonetheless could affect a move overseas. It is always good practice to confirm that nothing has changed since the initial plan was made (or that none of the changes will impact any of the traveller’s concerns).

Travellers may also find themselves tempted to put off organising and packing their belongings until the move date is close at hand. International Mover strongly advises against this as it is notoriously common for households to prove more difficult to pack than first expected. The best time to start organising is today, the team says, and a traveller can start by simply sorting what will be moving with them to Australia and what will be staying behind. The latter may be discarded, donated and so on, but taking stock of what needs to be packed up will help illustrate exactly how much time and effort will be needed to get ready.

International Mover says it is always a good idea to start packing as soon as this stage is complete. Naturally, any items that see regular use can wait, but everything else should be packed and placed out of the way as soon as possible. The team also says it is crucial for each set of items to be carefully labelled. In addition to making it easier for the traveller to unpack and settle in, they will be able to locate specific items in the event an emergency obliges them to unpack again in a hurry.

“When moving internationally, you may have to go through customs or deal with import regulations,” comments International Mover. “Properly packing and labelling your belongings will help you comply with these regulations and prevent any issues or delays at customs. Proper labelling will also make it easier for movers to handle delicate or fragile items with caution, reducing the risk of damage.”

At some point, it will become necessary for the traveller to determine which method of shipping best suits their needs. While there are more options, travellers heading to Australia from the UK typically have to choose between air freight or ocean freight. There are benefits and drawbacks to both, such as air freight being far faster. However, it is more expensive, and some may prefer the slower but affordable alternative. Ocean freight is also more suitable for large volumes of goods.

This may seem a difficult choice to make, especially given the variety of factors that need to be considered, but International Mover says much of it can be simplified by working with a reliable removal company, especially those which specialise in international removals. Based on their experience, such companies can easily provide assistance to travellers in several aspects, from helping them clear customs to packing their belongings, choosing the right shipping options and more.

This decision should not be made lightly, however, as experiences can vary dramatically. Travellers are advised to research each potential company carefully, reach out to their representatives and so on before making their choice.

Expats looking for more advice as they prepare to move to Australia are welcome to contact International Mover today. The team has made it their mission to help people both before and after their move, and they are always ready to share the benefit of their experience with the community at large.

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