Method Man TICAL Marijuana Lock Boxes Go Live

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Buy TICAL, based in Staten Island, New York, is pleased to announce that pre-sales are now open for their TICAL Black Honeycomb Storage Lock Box. These premium humidors come in a beautiful honeycomb design and will be shipped in Spring 2024.

“We anticipate heavy demand for the TICAL Black Honeycomb Storage Lock Box,” states TICAL co-founder and COO Joshua ‘Raz’ Rassin, “so order yours now to make sure it arrives on time. This lock box has been crafted to be the perfect companion for all your cannabis products, keeping them fresh for extended periods and preserving their flavor so you can always enjoy yourself with zero compromise.”

TICAL, which stands for ‘Taking Into Consideration All Lives,’ offers a range of limited edition products that include Method Man baseball caps, T-shirts, hoodies, sunglasses and other pieces of apparel. As a lifestyle brand backed by Method Man himself, Clifford Smith, Jr. it aims to reflect the values of him and his team while providing a premium, functional experience for all customers. Products from Buy TICAL, therefore, are designed to be used (despite also being valued by collectors), and the Black Honeycomb Storage Lock Box is no different.

In fact, while many will appreciate that their limited edition lock box comes with a certificate of authenticity — autographed by Method Man — customers are expected to gain a great deal of flexibility with their cannabis use once their purchase arrives this spring. This is partly due to the basic amenities offered by any humidor, but the TICAL lock box takes matters a step further.

To begin with, humidors are conventionally used to store cigars. The interior of a humidor can maintain an optimal environment for long-term storage, such as by controlling temperature and humidity. This internal climate control prevents products placed inside from drying out, getting too moist or otherwise losing their appeal as they would in an unprotected environment.

The TICAL Black Honeycomb Storage Lock Box fulfills the same purpose, except it is designed expressly for users of cannabis products. For instance, the gold vegan-friendly leatherette interior comes with high density foam, offering a measure of protection to glassware stored inside. Owners will also be able to make use of its custom honeycomb print rolling tray, which can be removed from the enclosure for more convenient access. There are elastic straps to hold pre-filled oil canisters upright, a side nook (with lid) for tools and papers and even a gold-colored kitchen grinder (high quality zinc alloy grinder and catcher).

A full list of the lock box’s features can be found on the official product page, but Buy TICAL believes customers will fall in love first and foremost with the product’s beautiful design and premium construction. The lock box is hand painted in a carefully chosen shade of black, above which lies an unmistakable gold honeycomb imprint. The TICAL brand proudly sits atop the lid as well.

Each lock box can be accessed (or sealed) with a key and combination lock, keeping the owner’s products safe and secure. Given the fact that the humidor comes with a gold bone holder (a middle split container for taking on the go), they will always be able to keep their products secure without compromising on freshness, even while traveling.

Several other accessories come included with every purchase of a TICAL Black Honeycomb Storage Lock Box. Owners will receive 4 Limited Edition TICAL stickers, a one-of-a-kind TICAL Pin, a Limited Edition TICAL Lanyard, 4 TICAL custom glass jars, 4 TICAL custom non stick containers, a custom upcycled rubber coaster (by Moodmats) and a custom gold-colored Zippo (this item is shipped empty).

Buy TICAL aims to redefine the modern lifestyle experience with goods that are discreet, practical and offer the luxury and class that the proud modern smoker demands. The TICAL marijuana lock boxes are an excellent example of this, and orders can now be placed via the brand’s official website.

Other inquiries may be directed to the Buy TICAL team via phone or email. The brand is also active on social media.

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About Buy Tical :

TICAL Merch by Method Man: premium apparel & accessories. Since 1993, TICAL’s blend of hip hop & cannabis has symbolized a movement & lifestyle, epitomizing its creator.

Contact Buy Tical:

Joshua “Raz” Rassin

Staten Island, New York

(201) 430-5455

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