New Peppy Case Study: Replace Old Furnace With 2 Head Ductless System

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Boise, Idaho -

Peppy Heating and Cooling, based in Boise, ID, has published a new case study titled - "Replace Furnace Boise Bench Idaho", that explores how the team replaced a customer’s old furnace with a superior ductless system. In the case study, the company explains how they determined what would be best for the customer’s needs and developed a practical plan of action to proceed.

The result of the company’s efforts is evident in the review the customer shared online. It says, “They made my winter! I haven’t had heat for 2 1/2 months, so I really appreciate all of you! Thank you!”

Replace Furnace Boise Bench Idaho

Jennifer, the customer, initially approached the company for help after coming to the conclusion that her furnace was now too old to fulfill her home’s needs. Her first order of business was to replace this aging furnace with a newer high efficiency option, but there were other issues that she also wanted Peppy Heating and Cooling’s help with. In addition to a furnace that was nearing the end of its life, she also had no air conditioning system, which any Boise homeowner will attest is difficult to deal with given the region’s hot summers.

Complicating matters further, the old furnace was situated in a crawlspace, which would make it challenging to retrieve. The team also found that the property’s existing ductwork was similarly showing its age, so a solution would have to account for both of these factors — leaving the old furnace where it was while avoiding use of the old ductwork. This solution would further need to be quieter, more efficient and provide cooling to the customer’s 778 sq. ft. house.

Upon giving the matter some thought, the team decided to recommend that Jennifer upgrade to a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Heat Pump with two wall mounted indoor heads. The specific products used were a Mitsubishi Inverter Outdoor Heat Pump MXZ-2C20NAHZ, GS15 wall mount head and GS06 wall mount head. While this may seem to be a complex installation on the surface, the company is pleased to report it took only a day to complete.

To make their case to the customer, the team listed every advantage they expected her to enjoy once it was installed. For instance, the HVAC system allowed for high efficiency zoned control, offered better air quality than running the air through the old ductwork (especially since its age meant it would require additional investment simply to clean it out) and the new indoor units proved to be much quieter than the old furnace. On top of this, the company was able to fulfill Jennifer’s desire for more comfortable summers — a heat pump was installed to add air conditioning to the property.

The advantages extended past the system and its capabilities, however. Peppy Heating and Cooling says the system qualifies for the 25C Tax Credit (up to $2000), and Jennifer will enjoy a 12-year parts and 12-year labor warranty.

President of Peppy Heating and Cooling Brett Shannon states, “This customer was able to get the state-of-the-art ductless heat pump with air conditioning also added in, for about the same price if not less than replacing the current furnace and then adding air conditioning to it. She is also eligible for the 25C Federal Tax Credit and will be comfortable in her home for many years, with better air quality!”

Naturally, before they left, the team made sure to recommend an adequate maintenance regimen to ensure the system would suffer minimal setbacks and function as expected for its full lifespan. Their recommendations included a bi-annual maintenance and cleaning, and given that the filters inside the heads were washable, it was advisable for them to be cleaned every few months. To simplify matters, Jennifer could also join Peppy Heating and Cooling’s Comfort Club for ongoing maintenance and peace of mind.

The Comfort Club enables customers to choose an affordable, convenient plan that guarantees the company’s assistance in the event their furnace, air conditioner or heat pump experiences some sort of malfunction. By joining the Comfort Club, they would enjoy priority service as a valued member, save on repairs (with 15% off all repairs and accessories) and even earn credit towards a new system each year they are with the company.

More details regarding the installation and how the team approached each stage can be found in their official case study. The full case study, along with many others, can be found on the Peppy Heating and Cooling website.

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