Pinnacle Peak Talks Addiction in Military Families

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Pinnacle Peak Recovery, a Scottsdale-based rehab center located in Arizona, recently posted a blog discussing how addiction often impacts military families, both those in service and those who are left at home. With nearly 100,000 active military from Arizona alone, it’s something that can impact many people across the state. Pinnacle Peak’s goal is to help everyone in their community. With their veteran-specific program, especially, they’re well equipped to speak on the topic to provide easy-to-access resources for anyone in the state.

The Scottsdale rehab center first sets the stage by explaining how often those in the military are truly impacted by substance use. “In 2021 more than 17,000 soldiers were diagnosed with a substance use disorder. On average, 2.6% of females in the active military, and 3.4% of males are reported as having an SUD.” They elaborate on that by speaking on how substance use and alcohol are often seen in military culture. “Substance and alcohol use can often be utilized as a bonding or de-stressing method. Other times people turn to substance use as a way to manage loneliness or mental illness.”

“Those who are married to someone in the active military are just as, if not more susceptible to experiencing loneliness and high stress. This can lead to an increased chance of developing an SUD.” Pinnacle Peak continues, shifting the focus into how those at home might be impacted, too. “Here in Arizona over 400,000 people aged 12+ reported having a substance use disorder. Often changes in life, mental illness, and loneliness can play big parts in someone developing an SUD.”

They go on to further explain some of the signs of substance use that loved ones can watch out for. There are many signs that range from physical to behavioral, including things like withdrawing from previously enjoyed activities to disrupted sleeping and eating patterns. “It’s important to note that some of these side effects can also be indicative of someone who needs help with their mental health. Mental health conditions often go hand in hand with substance use.”

Pinnacle Peak understands that many people want to help their significant others or friends when they realize they might be dealing with substance use. They go on to talk about some of the proper steps individuals can take to help them in the long run. “Be non-judgemental, remind them you care, and offer help where they want it. Substance use is already a very stigmatized thing. One of the reasons they might be isolating or acting defensive is because they already think you’re going to judge them or be upset with them.”

Finally, they share some additional resources that can be utilized to help those in military families who are facing addiction. “MSGA or Military Support Groups of America has a wide variety of partner programs that help both those in active service and their families. This can be a great resource for anyone in the household, whether they need support while their spouse is away, or they’re looking for people who understand the situation they’re in.”

Pinnacle Peak is a full-service treatment center for those with substance or alcohol use disorders. Their program utilizes evidence-based treatments such as combining detox with dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is known to have higher success rates by encouraging learning skills and healthy behaviors to deal with stressful situations. With a home-like environment, their clients feel surrounded by support and can focus on their recovery.

To learn more about Pinnacle Peak and their program, call 877-781-5821 or visit their website.

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