John Cornish Mortgage Lender Secures Funding For First Time Home Buyers

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Bettendorf, Iowa -

John Cornish Mortgage Lender, based in the state of Iowa, would like to reach out to local residents who may be interested in becoming homeowners. The broker helps buyers secure the funding they need to make their first home purchase — a major step for many that is often both difficult and expensive to take.

First time home buyers may have trouble securing the finances they need to make a purchase, especially if they do not know how best to navigate the world of mortgages. With the help of John Cornish, securing financing for a home purchase becomes much easier. Those interested may get started by visiting the broker’s official website to learn all about John Cornish and his services.

Buying a home for the first time is, for many people, a daunting prospect. A home represents the largest investment an individual might make during their lifetime, with an average home costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. The amount of paperwork, fees and other hoops that are required to jump through in order to secure the funds to purchase a home is enough to confuse those buying their second or third home, let alone their first.

John Cornish

This is where mortgage brokers like John Cornish come in. Cornish is a mortgage specialist who has worked with countless aspiring homeowners, helping them secure the funding they need to make the largest purchase of their lives. While his career has led him to positions throughout the industry, he now focuses on helping first time buyers and others in similarly vulnerable positions as he understands just how difficult such purchases can be.

There are a number of ways to secure funding for a new home which many first time buyers may not be aware of. Financing through the Federal Housing Administration, or FHA, is one of the best ways to buy a home for the first time. This method is insured by the Federal Housing Administration and makes it possible for first time buyers to finance their first homes with extremely low down payments.

Some first time buyers have secured financing with down payments as low as 3.5% of the total amount. Buyers who may not have saved up enough for a large down payment will often find that securing assistance through the FHA can be the only way to afford their first house. John Cornish is always more than happy to help such parties secure FHA assistance, and his expertise has proved invaluable in navigating this system on multiple occasions.

Assistance can also be secured through the US Department of Veterans Affairs, also known as the VA. If eligible, an individual may opt for this form of home financing with John Cornish’s help. This VA program helps veterans, servicemembers and eligible surviving spouses purchase homes. Cornish’s advice has helped countless veterans and their spouses make it through the application process. His fundraising efforts have also done a lot for the Iowa community the broker calls home.

There are numerous ways to secure financing for a home, and John Cornish is always happy to talk them over with each one of his clients. Over the past 20 years, he has helped over 2000 families find the resources to purchase or refinance a home. He does an in-depth review of each client and their goals as homeowners, educating them and equipping them with all the knowledge they need to make informed decisions regarding the financing options that best suit their needs. He has surrounded himself with a highly qualified team of home financing experts whose expertise has helped him help his clients make better decisions.

John Cornish’s commitment to helping families purchase their dream homes has earned him a stellar reputation. “John Cornish and his entire team are incredible,” says Riley T. “They make the process of buying a house so easy. As a first time home buyer, John and his team provided so much information that educated me on all of the financial side of things. They also have impeccable communication and answered any question I had. They are very understanding and ran different numbers for me based on various down payment options. A few days after closing, I came home to a nice surprise from them, too. I couldn’t recommend them enough!”

More information on John Cornish and his work can be found online, including this news article. Additionally, his YouTube channel offers a lot of useful information on the real estate industry. Clients may schedule a meeting by calling his Davenport, IA office.

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John Cornish - Mortgage Lender values the home ownership goals of every client. He helps them find the financing options that are best for them. He has experience working with wide range of borrowers from first-time buyers to high net worth individuals.

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