Alpha Therapeutics LLC Provides Extra Strength CBG Products

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Alpha Therapeutics LLC, a company based in Paradise Valley, AZ, has announced they are offering extra strength CBG products. Cannabigerol (CBG) is another active compound that can be extracted from hemp and cannabis sativa plants, and it is becoming increasingly popular along with cannabidiol (CBD), because of their potential health benefits. CBG is costly to extract because the plant needs to be harvested while it is still young, before it has matured and before the CBG transforms into other compounds like CBD. Basically, CBG is a cannabinoid stem cell that offers an added level of pain relief.

Just like CBD, CBG is extracted from hemp, but doesn’t have the psychoactive effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBG is often called “the mother of all cannabinoids,” because it is the cannabinoid from which other kinds of cannabinoids, including CBD, are derived. It is actually the starting compound in the biosynthesis of the other cannabinoids. Thus, CBG has to be extracted from young cannabis plants because if the plant is ripe, there is very little CBG left.

One example of CBG products available from Alpha Therapeutics is the Extra Strength CBG product in the form of ingestible oil. One bottle contains 30 servings with a full dropper containing one serving. The bottle contains 3,000 mg of CBD and 1,500 mg of CBG. Thus, one dropper or serving contains 100 mg of CBD and 50 mg of CBG. Alpha Therapeutics harvests the hemp plants containing large amounts of CBD to offer maximum relief of chronic pain. Meanwhile, the CBG may provide an added level of pain relief.

It is also important to note that the Extra Strength CBG product is broad spectrum and utilizes the raw plant instead of a distillate. This means that Alpha doesn’t heat up or filter the plant because increasing its temperature will modify the plant’s properties. Instead of heating up or filtering the product, they use a carbon dioxide method. Alpha Therapeutics products also have terpenes, which are the building blocks of essential oil. They employ terpenes to prove the analgesic features of such products in clinical studies. Furthermore, Alpha products also contain cannabis flavonoids that have been demonstrated in studies to have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics. These products also contain coconut and lanolin from wool.

Another CBG product that is available from Alpha Therapeutics is a healing balm, which may be used to offer pain relief for localized joints and muscles. This product has to be rubbed into the skin where pain is felt, including where the pain radiates. Just like with the Extra Strength product, it contains CBD, CBG, terpenes, flavonoids, coconut, and lanolin from wool. It is also a broad spectrum product. One container of the product has 2,000 mg of CBD and 1,000 mg of CBG.

It is also important to note that all products made by Alpha Therapeutics are made from organically grown hemp. They are also ensured to be free from gluten, fully vegan, and non-GMO. They always use broad-spectrum CBD with no THC. Thus, purchasing or using their products does not require a medical marijuana prescription. The quality is assured through strict testing procedures and these products are backed by a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Alpha Therapeutics LLC was established by Geoff Dada with the goal of making sure that the CBD products offered have been produced using medical quality processes as a way to ensure they have the required amount of CBD to provide the desired effect. He partnered with Dr. Tyler Southwell, MD, who was the first to try his CBD product for his back pain. Dr. Southwell was so impressed with how his pain had ceased without the need for medication that he also recommended the CBD product to his patients. At present, Dr. Southwell serves as advisor for Alpha Therapeutics along with Eliza Jones-Hedrick, RN, MSN.

Those who would like to know more about the CBG products available through Alpha Therapeutics LLC, such as the Extra Strength Oil and the 2,000 mg CBD healing balm, can check out their website or contact them through the phone or via email.

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About Alpha Therapeutics LLC :

Manufacturer of CBD oil and healing balms. Our CBD oil tinctures and healing balms utilize organic, fair trade raw materials that are triplicate tested to ensure exceptional product quality for superior pain mitigation and pain management benefits.

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Geoff Dada

10599 N Tatum
Suite F-156
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

(833) 257-4279

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