Sciatica Treatment Offered at Top San Diego Chiropractor

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San Diego, California -

Intouch Chiropractic, based in California, is encouraging the community to seek relief from chronic pain through chiropractic sciatica treatment in San Diego. The clinic offers a holistic treatment program that can help patients address pain, regain mobility and resume living their lives as they see fit.

The pain caused by sciatica can be profoundly incapacitating, compelling patients affected by this condition to withdraw from various facets of their lives.. Patients suffering from sciatica may encounter a variety of symptoms, and the severity of the pain they endure can vary from being quite mild to absolutely excruciating.. At the lower end of the spectrum, patients experience a slight tingling feeling or a faint, persistent discomfort in the buttocks, leg or foot. In severe cases, the pain may be so overwhelming that patients find themselves unable to move or do basic tasks without significant discomfort.

Dr Tapia

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, according to Intouch Chiropractic, beginning in the lower back and branching off into the hip, buttock, leg, foot and toes. Compression of the sciatic nerve can result in discomfort, and can be caused by a herniated disc, protruding disc, bone spur, or spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal in the lower back region.Fortunately, the team at Intouch Chiropractic is experienced at addressing sciatica at its root, which in many cases is a herniated or bulging disc in the lower back. The doctors utilize the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) chiropractic care protocols to treat sciatica symptoms. NUCCA utilizes precise measurements and techniques to restore and maintain body alignment and posture. This technique is also commonly used to address migraine, headache as well as cervical pain.

The clinic also utilizes the DRX9000 Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression technology. This state-of-the-art treatment helps stabilize the spine while treating the spinal discs. During treatment, the DRX9000 cycles through decompression and relaxation phases. With an 86% success rate, the DRX9000 non-surgical spinal decompression system, coupled with Intouch Chiropractic's distinctive blend of therapies, provides an alternative that can help patients steer clear of surgical procedures and maintain a medication-free lifestyle while getting relief from both chronic and acute pain.

Intouch Chiropractic utilizes evidence-based treatments and state-of-the-art imaging techniques to identify and track the progress of each patient. Patients are encouraged to bring radiographs and MRI results from prior providers for review. Intouch Chiropractic will use every means at their disposal to safely and effectively help patients decrease their pain, recover mobility, decrease tingling and numbing sensations and improve muscle strength following a sciatica diagnosis.

Chiropractic treatments are intended to provide a form of alternative care that does not rely on invasive or surgical procedures while maintaining a high degree of success. This success is largely attributed to the fact that chiropractors approach each patient as a whole — treating their entire body and targeting the source of their health condition. Patients who place their trust in Intouch Chiropractic discover that the clinic provides an exceptional level of service, setting a standard of care that is regarded as outstanding, even within the chiropractic profession.

Intouch Chiropractic’s commitment to maintaining this standard has made them the preferred chiropractic provider for many in the San Diego region. This is true for people suffering from sciatica as well as a number of other conditions, such as chronic back pain, pinched nerves, TMJ disorders, headaches and migraines, concussions and more.

The chiropractic clinic advises patients who are relying on over-the-counter or prescription painkillers, and muscle relaxants to schedule a consultation today. These interventions only offer short-term relief. Patients looking for a lasting solution to their discomprt will always find a warm welcome at Intouch Chiropractic.

Intouch Chiropractic is a leading San Diego chiropractic clinic committed to helping patients leave behind the persistent burden of chronic conditions. Appointments may be booked over the phone or through the clinic's website.

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About Intouch Chiropractic :

Our doctors specialize in NUCCA Spinal Care, DRX9000 Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, Shockwave and Cold Laser Therapy in San Diego, California. We focus on low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, herniated discs, migraines, headaches and TMJ symptoms.

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