Akron Roof Repair Available Near Me

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Akron, Ohio -

TK Roofing & Gutters, based in Ohio, is reminding Akron residents to make sure their roofs are in top condition before winter sets in. The company says repairs are best done before the season arrives as certain jobs may otherwise have to be postponed till spring for safety reasons. See more here: Roof Repair Near Me.

“While Akron isn’t known for getting as much snowfall as some other places, you don’t want to have a compromised roof in the event your area sees even a modest amount,” notes TK Roofing. “Snow can be heavier than you expect, and all that weight can damage your roof further if there is any fault in its structural integrity. Naturally, melting snow will also cause you headaches due to water making its way inside your home, leading to further damage.”

In the best case scenario, water in such a situation will do little more than cause an inconvenience to the residents below. However, the roofer warns that, depending on the construction of the roof in question, water damage is likely to lead to additional rot that may eventually require the entire roof to be replaced. This is far more costly than getting a simple hole resolved, and this is one reason the company strongly advises homeowners to consider scheduling a roof inspection today.

In fact, The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that roofs get checked at least twice a year. TK Roofing agrees with this, and their team is standing by if anyone would like to schedule an inspection in the near future. The company offers a free estimate for all roof repair jobs. Find out more here: Roof Repair Near Me In Akron.

TK Roofing & Gutters is a family-owned company that takes an active interest in learning what customers need from their roofer. In addition to being affordable, for instance, the company makes it a point to provide a number of accompanying services that ensure customers can have several aspects of their home taken care of in a single project. Further, no job is too big or too small. Despite their vast capabilities, the company is more than willing to dispatch a team even for minor repairs and so on.

Several customers give the company a top rating for their work, and many individual comments are representative of the vast majority of reviews the company has received over the years. J. Lindsay says, “I have nothing but good things to say about this local company. They are true professionals and their customer service and communication is exceptional! This is the second job they have done for me and they did fantastic work yet again! The crew arrived early, they were professional, did an awesome job on the roof and cleaned up like nothing ever happened! A+.”

A. Rohn similarly comments, “First I want to begin by saying thank you! This was an A+ experience for me. My neighbors and I got our new roofs, and I cannot be happier! Great service, great customer experience and most of all made me believe in the good in people again. Small company who had time and patience with me. I was not pushed or pressed in my decisions. From the owner to installers, everyone was respectful and kind. Great new roof and gutters. Once again, thank you, TK Roofing!”

TK Roofing & Gutters, as these reviews indicate, places a heavy emphasis on serving the community’s needs and respecting the customer’s time. Those who get in touch with the company rarely do so on a whim, a fact the team keeps in mind before a roof inspector even has a chance to look over a property for themselves. The company says this is because every customer calls when they are concerned about their roof — a concern that ultimately extends to the safety and security of their home as a whole.

Homeowners in search of a reliable contractor for roof repair in Akron may contact TK Roofing & Gutters today to request a free estimate. The company can repair or replace roofs, install gutters, rectify storm damage and more.

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About TK Roofing & Gutters :

Since 2007 TK Roofing And Gutters have been providing local homeowners with the roofing solutions they need. With 13 years of experience, the skilled roofers at TK have been helping the residents of Northeast Ohio replace, repair and install their roofs.

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