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Illinois based Chicago Website Design SEO Company CEO Jack Lombardi is directing interested parties to read his review of WPX Hosting. As an SEO expert and the head of Chicago's top ranked and rated SEO company, his insight may prove informative to anyone who is looking for a suitable Wordpress website host.

“WPX Hosting is a high performance website hosting solution for WordPress websites,” states Lombardi in the review. “Luckily, WPX Hosting is a well-established company that has been in business for some time, which is a good reason to trust them.”

He begins his review by noting that speed should always be among a client’s top priorities when looking for a suitable WordPress hosting service. No matter what the content of a website may consist of, an online platform that cannot deliver a prompt experience is often doomed to lose visitors before it has a chance to build any rapport between itself and its intended audience.

Most will give a website one chance if they are searching for a specific product or service, and some may continue trying for a brief period (before giving up altogether) if they are interested in the brand itself or have visited the website with an established desire to engage with its offerings. A slow website, in other words, will find it much more difficult to win over any return visits or ongoing engagement. This can be disastrous for any brand.

Lombardi’s article also points out that search engines are aware of this and their results pages will therefore consider a website’s responsiveness when answering a search query. Websites with a suitable load rate will typically rank higher since this has a direct impact on the user experience (regardless of content).

“According to some studies, and my own experience,” says Lombardi, “when a site takes three seconds or longer to load, chances are that about 57% of the visitors will move on to another relevant website. About 80% of these will not come back to your website, and 50% of these will probably tell other people about their not-so-good experience.” A good host will facilitate this responsiveness, and Lombardi attests that WPX Hosting has proven itself capable of meeting this standard.

Site speed can be an easy litmus test for a WordPress website host’s candidacy (particularly since it can quickly narrow down the possibilities), but it should not be the only factor that is considered. The review details a number of other features offered by WPX Hosting that make it an excellent option for those who want to operate a website while remaining insulated from a variety of common risks.

One such risk is the loss of corruption of critical files. The general consensus in this regard is for organizations to have several backups, and one layer of this protection is made available as a standard part of WPX Hosting’s services. The review explains that WPX Hosting creates a daily backup of the website in question, and this is stored on a separate server for 14 days. Should an issue arise that requires the website to be reset to a certain date, the backups can be used to pick a restore point within the past two weeks. Backed up files can also be retrieved for free.

Many who are looking for a host service may be doing so for the first time, in which case they will find it relatively uncomplicated to launch their platform on WPX Hosting. However, if they have been using another service for some time, they may be concerned about the costs associated with migrating to a new host.

Here, Lombardi assures readers that WPX Hosting offers a free, comprehensive solution that anyone can make use of. The service provides a dedicated team that will assist in all migration efforts, moving all the client’s data from their current host to a new WPX Hosting account. Lombard confirms that this includes all emails associated with the site, which is notable given that the service also offers free email services.

The full review explores many of the benefits of working with WPX Hosting. While there are some drawbacks, it is Lombardi’s view that everyone should learn about WPX Hosting before making a decision. Given his own experience with the service, he is confident that most will agree WPX Hosting is one of the best Wordpress site hosts on the market.

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