Southern Pain and Spine Specialists Gains Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Certification

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Matthews, North Carolina -

Charlotte, October 9, 2023 — Dr. Ammar Alamarie, leader of Southern Pain Specialists, has completed training and certification in the implantation of the Curonix Freedom Peripheral Nerve Stimulator for Chronic Pain Treatment. This training, conducted under the guidance of Chief Medical Officer Andrea Trescot, MD, brings a novel pain relief option to those in the Charlotte, NC area suffering from chronic pain. It's part of the clinic's ongoing efforts to expand the range of pain management solutions.

Dr. Alamarie stated that "We are excited to announce our certification in this groundbreaking Peripheral Nerve Stimulation technology, marking a significant advancement in our healthcare services. This certification reflects our pursuit of medical excellence and our commitment to providing top-notch care to our patients. Peripheral Nerve Stimulation is a revolutionary technique for treating chronic pain without relying on dangerous opioids. Our integration of PNS with the Curonix Freedom device not only broadens our treatment options but also ensures our community has access to cutting-edge healthcare solutions right here in Charlotte, North Carolina.”

Chronic Pain Overview: According to the CDC, approximately 20% of adults experience chronic pain, which lasts for more than three to six months due to various causes like injury, diseases such as arthritis or other autoimmune disorders, failed back syndrome, persistent knee pain after knee replacement, radiculopathy (pinched nerves like sciatica) and/or neurological issues such as diabetic neuropathy or non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Any area of the body may be impacted by chronic pain but the most common problems arise from chronic neck and back pain, chronic knee pain and chronic hip pain. Chronic pain affects quality of life, leading to limitations in daily activities, reduced mobility, sleep disturbances, and emotional distress, sometimes even causing substance abuse problems. Effective pain management strategies are crucial to improve overall health and functionality. If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic pain, it is advisable to seek the opinion of a clinic that specializes in chronic pain conditions.

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) Details: PNS is a drug-free method for relieving chronic pain by placing tiny electrodes near peripheral nerves to disrupt pain signals. The Curonix Freedom device, unlike traditional PNS, provides access to full-body pain relief with minimal invasiveness. It uses wireless radio frequency technology for control and power, similar to modern cell phone charging. What's unique about the Curonix Freedom device is that patients can test its effectiveness prior to permanent implantation, reducing anxiety for potential candidates. The goal is to relieve pain discreetly, allowing patients to return to their favorite activities with ease.

Who can benefit from PNS?: Any person suffering from chronic pain may be a candidate for this therapy. Since every person’s situation is unique, it is important to seek out a qualified medical opinion from someone well versed in the range of available therapies for chronic pain conditions. Many candidates that have had repeated local injections of steroids, such as caudal injections for lower back pain or who experience persistent knee pain following knee replacement may also obtain substantial relief from PNS. Recipients of PNS devices often report they feel as though they have regained control of their pain because they can adjust and control the stimulation in real time as a function of what is best for them. Even for situations where PNS may be contraindicated, there are other safe and effective treatment options available that may also improve their quality of life without the need for opiates. Only a qualified medical professional can determine the best treatment option for you.

How much does it cost?: “The good news is most health care insurers cover the cost of PNS interventions for the treatment of chronic pain; and our clinic will work on your behalf to help obtain approval for coverage if needed,” says Dr. Ammar Alamarie.

Drug Therapy vs. PNS: Though certain drugs may relieve pain in the short term, their effectiveness decreases over time leaving patients needing higher doses for the same relief. As such, drug therapy is not sustainable for chronic pain relief due to the side effects and risk of addiction. In contrast to pharmaceutical interventions, PNS for chronic pain relief has been shown to provide benefits that are sustainable offering patients a long-term solution for their pain.

Southern Pain Specialists' Approach: The clinic is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in pain management by continually updating their knowledge and skills. By offering a full range of drug-free pain management options, they can provide highly personalized solutions for every patient. Adding PNS capability with the latest technology from Curonix demonstrates their commitment to helping patients regain their quality of life. This certification expands the treatment options for chronic pain patients, enabling more personalized pain management plans and better outcomes.

About Southern Pain Specialists: Serving the Southeastern United States with multiple locations in the Charlotte area, the clinic’s focus is on improving the quality of life for patients with chronic pain, offering innovative and effective pain management solutions to reduce reliance on medications and enhance overall well-being.

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