FreshBI Offers BI Dashboards for Tech Companies

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FreshBI, a company based in San Antonio, TX, is offering BI dashboards for tech companies and other industries. The company offers business intelligence (BI) consultants and BI dashboard designers who have developed an unmatched approach in data analysis and interpretation that differentiates them from other BI consulting firms. Being a Microsoft Silver Partner, the Sprint Cycle with FreshBI unlocks the value that is found in the data by employing Microsoft Power BI to construct visually appealing and comprehensive BI dashboards.

FreshBI CEO Craig Juta says, “When it comes to BI dashboards for tech companies, we understand the intricate complexity of the data they deal with. Our proficiency lies in decoding this data to derive insights that can be leveraged for innovation, strategic decision-making, and to stay ahead in the competitive tech landscape. When your data is visualized in our custom built BI dashboards, your decisions and collaborations within your teams have much more clarity. As specialists in tech company data visualization tools, we revel in the challenge of decoding this intricate web of information.”

The result is that abstract data sets are converted into visual stories through their custom-built BI dashboards. These dashboards function as dynamic data mirrors, representing real-time metrics and trends in a visually intuitive and engaging format that allows tech companies to utilize their data as an important asset for strategic planning and innovation.

FreshBI can also provide BI consultants for accountants. Their services go beyond the conventional number-crunching that accountants are used to. Since accountants handle large amounts of data every day, FreshBI makes sure they are able to analyze such data accurately and efficiently.

Craig Juta says, “We provide accounting agencies with the tools and insights to identify financial trends, detect anomalies, and predict future financial scenarios. Our professional business intelligence consultants enable accountants to maximize their efficiency, improve financial reporting, and make strategic, data-driven recommendations to their clients. We understand that accuracy and timeliness are paramount in accounting, and our solutions are designed to ensure these critical factors are prioritized. With FreshBI, accountants can evolve from being mere number crunchers to strategic business advisors, using visualized BI data to drive financial success for their clients.”

Power BI is a Microsoft tool that has become popular because of its advanced business analytics features. This software provides users with interactive visualizations and BI, with a user-friendly interface creating a dashboard and report. The Power BI consultants from FreshBI are highly experienced and proficient in utilizing this Microsoft tool to its maximum potential, making it easy for businesses to visualize their data and share business insights throughout the organization.

FreshBI also has a dedicated team of BI analysts who work closely with their BI consultants and partners at Microsoft. BI analysts explore the data more closely, enabling them to reveal patterns and then presenting their findings in a way that is easy to comprehend. Their goal is to make the business data more accessible and actionable for businesses with the resulting enhancement in decision-making and ultimately improved business results.

As BI consulting experts, they customize their services to fit the specific requirements of their clients. They perform BI analysis to find those areas where businesses can improve their operations via data-drive decisions using the BI dashboards. Craig Juta says, “Our team knows data is important to you so we make it clean, simple and easy to understand for your teams within our custom BI dashboards. Visualizing your business data is the key strategy that will set you apart from your competitors. We help small to medium size businesses and we also provide enterprise business intelligence consulting.”

Launched in 2013, FreshBI is a boutique Microsoft Partner that employs Microsoft Power BI to unearth business intelligence data and in combination with the services of their business intelligence consultants, they can help businesses in attaining excellence and high profitability.

Those who are interested in BI tools can check out the FreshBI website or contact them on the phone or by email: Call or text (210) 294-9125.

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About FreshBI :

A boutique Microsoft Partner, FreshBI uses Power BI to unlock the value trapped in your data so that your business can succeed.

Contact FreshBI:

Madeline Henderson

1100 NW Loop 410
Suite 700
San Antonio, TX

‪(210) 294-9125‬

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