HHH Expo 2023: Where Holistic Wellness Meets the Philosophies of Jay Shetty, Gabby Bernstein, and Deepak Chopra

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Evesboro, New Jersey -

Mount Laurel, NJ: Natural Awakenings of South Jersey proudly sponsors the Holistic Health and Healing Expo 2023 (HHH Expo), a holistic wellness and natural healing beacon. Slated for Sunday, October 1, 2023, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the prestigious Westin Mount Laurel Hotel, this event promises to be a transformative experience that transcends traditional wellness events.

The HHH Expo is a paramount resource connecting attendees to age-old holistic practices adapted for today's world. "More than just an event, the HHH Expo is a movement. It's a call to action, echoing the messages conveyed by Shetty, Bernstein, and Chopra. We're here to inspire, educate, and empower individuals to live a healthier lifestyle on a healthier planet," said Shae Marcus, the visionary behind the HHH Expo and the publisher of Natural Awakenings of South Jersey.

Over 2000 guests visited the HHH Expo last year.

Drawing inspiration from the transformative teachings of Jay Shetty, Teja Valentin will be teaching a workshop entitled "Energetic Power." This workshop asks attendees what it would look like for them to be energetically powerful, what energetic disempowerment looks like, and how women become energetically disempowered. The attendees will practice exploring energy leaks and how to plug them.

Continuing with speakers similar to the spiritual guidance of Gabby Bernstein, Tracey Cardello's collaborative and transformative work combines therapy with energy psychology. She operates from the belief that a person is whole, beautiful, and resilient. Therefore, attendees also have everything they need to heal themselves.

Along those lines of the meditative wisdom of Deepak Chopra, Nicoli Sinclair of the Veda Den, Chopra Center, is a certified Primordial Sound Meditation teacher and seasoned yoga instructor with over ten years of experience. She has dedicated her life to helping others live spiritually and joyfully and move beyond the social constructs and identities that make them feel divided and disconnected from the Divine and each other.

Nicoli's life lessons and teachings help spiritual seekers unmask their true essence, connect, and live the life they can live. Nicoli takes an emotionally mature approach to spiritual teachings rooted in the practical wisdom that meditation and Vedic teachings can bring to one's life.

Much like how these well-known thought leaders have bridged the gap between ancient wisdom and modern-day living, the expo aims to empower individuals to embrace a healthier lifestyle on a rejuvenated planet through the knowledge of local thought leaders.

Holistic Health and Healing Expo (HHH Expo)

Attendees can expect a comprehensive journey into holistic health, with offerings from top-tier holistic health experts, spiritual guides, and sustainable living advocates. From sound healing journeys and introductions to homeopathy to unlocking the secrets of the microbiome, the expo offers experiences that cater to every facet of holistic living. This event is more than attending; it's about experiencing, learning, and connecting.

The holistic wave continues to peak beyond Mount Laurel. Keep calendars marked for subsequent events in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, on Sunday, October 15, and an exclusive edition in Deerfield Beach, Florida, on January 21, 2024.

Join this holistic journey and secure a spot now at South Jersey's premier holistic health event. To delve deeper into holistic practices and natural healing and register, visit the HHH Expo.

For more information, contact Shae Marcus, Founder, Holistic Health & Healing Expo & Publisher, Natural Awakenings of South Jersey, Phone: (856) 797-2227, Email:

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