Patient Says She Would “Highly Recommend” the Treatment at Alter Mental Health in San Diego

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San Diego, California -

San Diego, California — Life can be overwhelming, but when people are facing a mental health crisis in California, they know they can turn to the experts who offer compassionate, evidence-based help at Alter Mental Health in San Diego.

The short-term intensive mental health treatment center’s award-winning team provided professional, compassionate care to a patient named Erin, who recently gave an enthusiastic five-star rating on Google.

Mental Health Clinic San Diego

Mental health crises have reached epidemic levels, especially since the pandemic. Approximately 3 in 10 adults report mental health and substance abuse concerns. The public’s mental health and well-being have been affected in various ways, including loneliness, isolation, job loss, illness, grief, and financial instability.

Today, more than three years after the onset of the pandemic, 90% of U.S adults believe that the country is facing a mental health crisis, according to a recent KFF/CNN survey. KFF is an independent source for health policy, research polling, and journalism.

Despite these troubling statistics, help has become more readily available. And while there are a variety of options (crisis intervention, inpatient hospitalization, day programming, and long-term care, for example), Alter Mental Health’s short-term, boutique model has met with resounding success. Its ability to provide a uniquely personalized intensive treatment plan to stabilize those in crisis in an empathetic environment has garnered scores of Google five-star reviews.

What makes the staff at Alter Mental Health so unique? Its treatment team members work in tandem with one another. The board-certified, clinical, and medical doctors collaborate to assure proper diagnosis. Then, a unique, individualized treatment plan is created with the goal of working toward lasting, superior, positive patient outcomes. This includes health education and essential emotional support to patients’ families. In essence, the staff at Alter Mental Health is extremely passionate about what it does.

The team has decades of experience in all facets of behavioral health, depression, anxiety, all types of traumas, substance and alcohol abuse, cultural diversity, and handling life transitions.

Alter Mental Health’s team explores the interplay of biology, psychology, and sociology in shaping individuals and their relationships. The goal is to help patients facilitate a better understanding of their thoughts, feelings, and motivation by defining the problem, ensuring safety, providing support, examining alternatives, making a plan, and obtaining commitment.

The Alter Mental Health team’s extensive training, cutting-edge research, expert knowledge, and customized treatment experience have gained the attention of plenty of others who agree with Erin’s top Google review. The people who work here are recognized for having hearts of compassion with purposeful intention.

Part of their success comes from Alter Mental Health’s unique, calm, and caring family atmosphere. The center is limited to fewer than 16 patients, allowing symbiotic relationships to form within a relaxed ambiance. They believe that a hands-on, integrated, holistic approach will bring mental, physical, and spiritual healing.

In addition to Alter Mental Health, the Alter Health Group™ network of treatment facilities across California includes California Rehab Campus that offers drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Dana Point, as well as Alter Behavioral Health’s residential mental health treatment centers in Irvine and Mission Viejo and the outpatient mental health treatment provider Alter Wellness Care in Laguna Beach. Alter Health Group™ also operates the free virtual emotional support warmline BeWellLine in California as well as Mindfuli, a virtual online mental health therapy platform for Californians.

For more information about the work and treatment at Alter Mental Health in San Diego, call 866-986-1481 or visit

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About Alter Mental Health San Diego :

Alter Mental Health San Diego is the leading mental health clinic and services provider. From depression, and anxiety to complex brain disorders. Let our team of medical experts help you or a loved one win the battle with mental health.

Contact Alter Mental Health San Diego:

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(866) 828-5392

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