Milestone Church Haslet Campus Presents Dynamic 8-Week Message Series: Miracles

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Haslet, Texas -

Milestone Church's Haslet Campus is delighted to introduce its new 8-week message series, "Miracles." This series is set to lead attendees on a captivating journey with Jesus, shedding light on the awe-inspiring miracles He manifested and the deep meanings they carry for the modern believer.

Under the adept leadership of Pastor Jeff Little, "Miracles" is not merely a collection of teachings but a holistic spiritual voyage. Participants will experience a combination of in-person and online sermons, an enriching resource book, and the exclusive opportunity to engage in Small Group discussions, diving deep into the lessons.

Exploring the Mysteries of Jesus's Miracles: Every believer, at some point, has contemplated the active presence of God in their daily life and His incredible interventions. Through history, Jesus stands unparalleled in performing profound miracles—be it giving sight to the blind, enabling the lame to walk, pacifying the turbulent seas, or miraculously feeding thousands with a single boy's offering. The "Miracles" series endeavors to decode God's message through these divine acts and explore these messages in small group communities.

The Haslet Campus initiated this immersive journey with two exciting, foundational sessions August 19-20 and August 26-27. As a vital component of the series, Small Groups are set to launch on the weekend of September 9-10, providing a platform for intensive discussions.

Miracles: A Book to Illuminate the Path: Aligned with the series, Pastor Jeff Little presents his enlightening book, "Miracles." Beyond being a supplementary resource, this book serves as a gateway to grasp the divine essence of Jesus's miracles. Attendees can obtain their copies during weekend services, on weekdays at the Keller or McKinney campus, or order online, with a soon-to-be-launched E-Book also on the horizon.

Elevate The Spiritual Journey in Small Groups: Understanding the profound impact of community-centered spiritual engagements, Milestone Church's Haslet Campus passionately invites attendees to become part of a Small Group. These intimate gatherings are dedicated spaces for reflection and discussions on Jesus's teachings, forging deeper bonds among believers. With both in-person and online options, every participant is assured of a fulfilling experience.

To augment this spiritual expedition, Pastor Jeff offers an exclusive collection of weekly videos. Captured during his visits to the actual historical sites of Jesus's miracles, these videos complement the chapters in the book, bringing to life the learning journey and the viewers to the places Jesus taught.

For those interested in being a Small Group leader, a comprehensive 'Leader Guide' is available. Tailored with discussion pointers, prayers, and guidelines, it ensures a fulfilling group experience for every participant.

Flexible Participation, Boundless Blessings: Embracing the digital age's convenience, Milestone Church's Haslet Campus guarantees that every participant, whether onsite or remote, can effortlessly participate in the series, Small Group discussions, and associated resources. Attendees can join small group sessions in-person or from the comfort of their own home.

Small Groups will begin their sessions the week of September 9th. Group leaders will provide specific details, ensuring every participant is well-informed.

Embark on This Spiritual Journey with Us: For those ready to dive into Jesus's miracles, join the Haslet community in this 8-week enriching series and discover how God's miraculous presence graces our everyday lives. Anyone can start their journey by selecting a small group, acquiring the book, or accessing further resources at For questions related to Small Groups, kindly reach out to

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About Milestone Church Haslet Campus :

Milestone Church's Haslet, TX Campus. Milestone is a life-giving, Bible-centered, Spirit-filled church with multiple campuses. Reaching People. Building Lives.

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