All On 4 Expert Advises Sydney Residents To Dentists With Care

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Bexley, NSW based patients are being advised to select the right dentist for their All On 4 dental implant procedure. While it is true that any licensed dentist can perform the procedure, the clinic explains that certain dentists can achieve a better result due to specialised training, experience and so on. Learn more about the procedure and which dentists are qualified to perform it at the following link: All On 4 Sydney.

The clinic points out that it can be tempting to make a decision based on price alone. Unfortunately, the quality of a procedure’s outcome correlates strongly with the skill of the dentist involved, so a price that seems too good to be true may be hiding drawbacks that the patient could pay for in other ways down the line. As such, it is necessary for them to understand how prices are determined— and what questions to ask a dentist before making any decisions.

All on 4 implants

Bexley Dental says there are three factors that patients need to identify. To begin with, a dentist should have the right training and education. This will help ensure the patient’s implant will last longer and they will be as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Patients should be similarly concerned about the materials being used in their implant. While certain products can get the job done, they may not be able to achieve a truly natural appearance, or they may be prone to early failure. This can mean the patient may have to pay for additional work sooner than expected.

One of the most important factors patients should look out for is the dentist’s range of experience with implant procedures. The more experienced they are, the better they will be at dealing with patient-specific complications or other unexpected issues. This can influence the quality of the procedure’s outcome as well.

There are some cases where patients will not be eligible for All On 4 dental implants due to other conditions. If a patient is already suffering from periodontitis, gingivitis or any other type of gum disease, for instance, All On 4 dental implants may not be an appropriate solution. The same may be true if they have excessive bone loss.

In many cases, the only way to determine whether or not the All On 4 procedure is right for a patient is for them to schedule a consultation. Since this could result in them being told this option is not right for their needs, many would feel it is a waste of time and money to get checked, thereby making it more likely that they will skip necessary dental care altogether to avoid this risk.

Fortunately, this is not the case at Bexley Dental. Patients are welcome to take the clinic’s free All-On-4 Assessment Quiz (online) to help eliminate the possibility of a wasted trip. This convenient assessment can be accessed through the official Bexley Dental website.

Maria K. shares in a patient review, “I cannot recommend Bexley Dental enough. I was always very reluctant to see a dentist as I had a few bad experiences and just stopped going. Unfortunately, this led to gum disease and loose and missing teeth. I had a consultation with Dr. Breeze, who explained to me thoroughly what my options were. I ended up going with the All On 4 option, and I am so happy with the experience from start to finish.”

The review goes on to describe the patient’s emotional state during and after the procedure. It says, “I had no pain and only a little swelling. My experience has just been amazing. I have been elsewhere for dental needs in the past and have never felt as good as I have felt at Bexley Dental. They are an amazing team. I can’t thank Dr. Theo, Dr. Velani, Georgia, Ally and Zainab for how professional and comfortable they made my experience. Now, I look forward to seeing them as often as I have to. Dr. Theo gave me my smile back. I’m so happy with the end result, and now I have my confidence back. Thank you, Dr. Theo and the team at Bexley Dental.”

Bexley Dental strongly recommends that patients speak to a variety of providers before deciding which dentist will be trusted to perform their All On 4 dental implant procedure. For their part, the team at Bexley Dental is ready and willing to address all their community’s questions and concerns, and they are confident that they can win every patient’s trust if given the chance.

Interested parties may contact the Bexley Dental office today to get started. They are also advised to try the clinic’s free online assessment if there are any concerns regarding their eligibility for the procedure.

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