Safe Laser Therapy LLC Cold Laser Therapy Provides Innovative Healing Solutions For Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Smoking Addiction And More

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STAMFORD, CT – Cold laser therapy is quickly growing in popularity for its expedited healing effects without drugs or surgery, and at Safe Laser Therapy LLC they are the experts in all things cold laser therapy in Connecticut. Founded by licensed cold laser therapy therapist Malti Gupta, Safe Laser Therapy LLC helps patients overcome longstanding health issues in just a few sessions. With over 15 years of experience providing cold laser therapy treatments, Gupta is an expert in low-laser therapy solutions.

“Low level laser or cold laser therapy promotes healing, detoxification, and restorative treatments in a non-invasive way,” said Gupta. “Cold Laser Therapy works by stimulating cell detoxification and rejuvenation, through a deep wavelength and pulsation laser device. With our laser, we target different areas throughout the body to promote this cellular rejuvenation. Cold laser therapy treatment can be used to help people quit smoking, lose weight, fight aging, relieve pain and stress, hair restoration and more.”

Safe Laser Therapy LLC

Gupta’s journey into cold laser therapies began when her brother was suffering from chronic smoking addiction. She underwent training at Lightworks Clinic, a highly respected low-level laser therapy clinic. After receiving her license, her first mission was to help her brother quit smoking. Within one treatment, Gupta saw her brother break his lifelong addiction to cigarettes, and as the days and weeks progressed, she saw continued improvement in his recovery. Since then, she’s helped countless people use cold laser therapy to overcome health conditions and addictions.

While there is emerging research and proof of LLT’s effectiveness, most people are unaware of cold laser therapy as an option. Instead of relying on harsh pharmaceuticals, invasive surgeries, or chemical-laden therapies, cold laser therapy offers a pain free, quick solution to managing health. Cold laser therapy is not a one-shot, overnight cure all, but it can dramatically increase wellness while decreasing recovery time. When working with a trained and licensed therapist such as Gupta, patients can expect to receive thorough treatment and counseling to support them on their healing journeys.

Cold lasers are handheld devices, usually about the size of a flashlight. The therapist guides the laser over the body to stimulate cells, penetrating as deep as 2-5 centimeters beneath the skin. The therapist uses a specific wavelength, puslation, and temp to administer laser therapy according to the service needed. Sessions can last between 45 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the type of therapy. At Safe Laser Therapy LLC, patients undergo a pre-consultation, treatment, and post-counselling meeting to discuss next steps, their experience, and overall goals.

As light therapy continues to grow in popularity, SFT aims to be at the forefront of the movement. They use only the latest and greatest low level laser technology, and they apply their deep knowledge of physiology as well as mental health to provide life-changing treatments. Their clients have boasted rave reviews, singing high praises like, “I lost inches off my waist,” and “treatment was so relaxing,” and “I will not ever smoke again.”

Safe Laser Therapy LLC serves numerous locations throughout Connecticut, including: Stamford, Darien, New Canaan, Norwalk, Old Greenwich, Cos Cob, Riverside, Greenwich, Wilton, Westport, Weston. They also serve New York State, including: Pound Ridge, Bedford, Armonk, Port Chester, Rye, Bedford Hills. For people outside the New York or Connecticut area, contact their office about setting up an appointment.

While most insurances do not cover LLT, Gupta and her team recommend contacting the insurance to see what options are available. Treatments are typically $550 for two sessions, with $200 for every additional session. Most treatments can be completed in under 3 sessions, while others require 4 or more. Please contact their office to learn more about sessions.

Laser therapy is the future of medicine. To learn more about cold laser therapy and various treatment options, please visit their website. For media inquiries, contact Malti Gupta at (203) 601-7772 or They are located at 1011 Hope St Suite N Stamford, CT 06907.

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About Safe Laser Therapy LLC :

Safe Laser Therapy LLC in Stamford, CT specializes in low-level laser therapy. Services include laser treatments to quit smoking, manage weight, pain relief, stress relief, detoxification, skin rejuvenation and hair restoration. Call (203) 601-7772 today.

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Malti Gupta

1011 Hope St Suite N Stamford, CT 06907

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