Indianapolis SEO Company Local Blitz Offers Free SEO Strategy Session

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North Las Vegas, Nevada -

Local Blitz, an SEO company, with offices in Indianapolis, IN, and San Diego, CA, wants to stress that they are offering a free strategy session with co-founder and Indianapolis-based SEO expert Nick Bennett to discover if SEO is appropriate for the business. Those who are interested can simply fill out an online form and indicate the preferred time and day for the free SEO consultation.

Nick Bennett, co-founder of Local Blitz, says, “As an Indianapolis SEO Company, we are proud to call the circle city home! Whether you are a small independent business or a large organization, we have worked with clients of all sizes and many different business niches to get the SEO results that they are looking for. Search marketing and advertising is a moving target, which is why we focus on specific goals with our clients to ensure that we are all rowing in the same direction from the start of every campaign. We have established and grown our SEO agency simply because we have focused on pinning down KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with our clients and then putting together an SEO strategy that will move the needle for them.”

Local Blitz wants to point out that their focus is on getting the desired results for clients and their secondary focus is transparency. Many clients who have used the services of other SEO companies have recounted their substandard experiences with those agencies, which is why they always ensure transparency and verifiable ROI are the focus at every milestone in an SEO project.

With Local Blitz, an SEO project is made up of various phases. The first one is the discovery phase, where they learn about the specific needs of the client. They know that each business is unique, which is why they always do their best to fully understand the specific requirements of each business. Next is the strategy/communication phase, where they typically submit a proposal to the client. They will come up with an SEO campaign using the KPIs they had determined during the discovery phase. What follows is the implementation phase, where they put into action the planned SEO campaign that has been approved by the client. The project kickoff phase is when they inform the client as to what to expect in the following months. And finally, there is the report and review phase where they regularly review the progress of the SEO campaign and provide a report to the client.

Meanwhile, Local Blitz also offers SEO services through its San Diego office. Nick Bennett says, “We will tell you a secret, that probably isn't so secret. Most people that are claiming to be experts just are not experts. When hiring a San Diego SEO expert, you want to be sure it is someone who has the knowledge you need and experience you can trust. Many people in the industry either re-sell other people's services or are just good salespeople themselves that like to toy around with other people's time and money. For the sake of example, if using the 10,000-hour rule to become a San Diego SEO expert, would require 4.8 years of experience in the field. Not a lot of people have that. This is assuming a 40 hour work week over 52 weeks a year. So why is Local Blitz an actual ‘SEO expert’? We were founded in 2009, now moving into our 10th year learning, failing, and finally succeeding at SEO.”

Launched in 2009, Local Blitz is a digital marketing agency with a team of SEO experts who always ensure they are up-to-date on the latest developments when it comes to SEO. They always do their best to provide great value to customers by creating digital sales funnels for them, whether they are small or mid-sized businesses. They offer their SEO services to companies that are not capable of having their own digital marketing services but understand the value of SEO. Local Blitz has been receiving many five star reviews from clients in a broad range of niches, such as real estate, automotive, e-commerce, etc.

Business owners or executives interested in a San Diego or Indianapolis SEO company can visit the Local Blitz website or contact them through the telephone or by email. They are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday. For those who want to read the latest developments about Local Blitz, they can go to their media room at

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About Local Blitz Indianapolis :

Local Blitz is an Indianapolis based marketing agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Paid Advertising (Google, Facebook, LinkedIN) and other Digital Marketing Channels.

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Nick Bennett

815 E 63rd Pl Suite 201, Indianapolis, IN 46220

(317) 672-1156

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