Illinois Mortgage Provider David Hochberg Offers Advice on VA Home Programs

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Northbrook, Illinois -

David Hochberg, a leader in the Illinois mortgage industry, is urging veterans across the state to find out more about the mortgage options available to them courtesy of the VA.

The VA’s housing assistance programs make it easier for veterans, service members, and their surviving spouses to get mortgages at much better rates and terms than what they would otherwise get from retail vendors. While they still require applicants to clear a minimum threshold of credit scores and income, the requirements are much less demanding than most other providers. Moreover, more than 90% of VA-backed mortgages are also made with no downpayment.

Team Hochberg - Chicago

There are several types of VA mortgages. VA-backed purchase mortgages help veterans get better terms with private providers. Cash-out refinance mortgages are designed to help applicants leverage their home equity and use it for other life goals such as paying off debt, paying tuition fees, and anything else they see fit. Interest Rate Reduction Refinance mortgages make it easier to pay off an existing mortgage by reducing monthly payments.

David appeals to veterans to find out more about and apply for VA mortgages by saying, “The horrors of war leave many of our veterans both physically and mentally scarred in ways that are hard to comprehend. It can be very difficult to get a fresh start at life on par with others their age. So, VA-backed mortgages are just one of the many ways in which our nation tries to look out for those who stepped up and gave us their best when we needed them the most. As an experienced Illinois mortgage provider, it is my honor to help these brave souls secure a life of dignity and respect, for themselves and their families, in the land they so valiantly fought to protect. For more information, check out this news article.”

As a part of Homeside Financial, Team Hochberg has been originating financing since 2000 and is licensed to provide mortgage financing services across the nation. The company boasts a streamlined mortgage process with advantages such as a dedicated in-house support staff, underwriters, and a closing department. Known for its speed and efficiency, the Northbrook mortgage services provider can take clients from initial consultation to closing in a matter of days.

Team Hochberg serves homebuyers of all kinds. Whether they are looking to buy their first property, are service members who need to understand VA mortgages, are looking to refinance their existing property, or are curious if they qualify for FHA mortgages, David and his team can help Illinois residents move into their dream homes within their means.

The Illinois mortgage services provider has received tremendous praise from its clients, a fact that is easily discernible in the impressive overall rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 from over 420 reviews on its Google Business Profile. Clients thank Team Hochberg for their caring and inquisitive nature as they seek to answer all questions, their dedication to responsive and thorough customer service, and the enticing mortgages they are able to secure.

A recent review from a veteran says, “Left a message for David regarding whether we should keep a balance on a HELOC and continue to pay interest or use money in the bank (which earns nothing) to pay it off. He was unbelievably quick to respond to my email. He actually called us, was very thorough, gave us great advice, and thanked my husband for his military service. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him. Outstanding!”

Another client who secured a VA mortgage with Team Hochberg says, “My dealings with Dave have been rewarding. I am a veteran and I appreciate his heartfelt thanks and support for my service. His advice on improving my credit scores was direct, easy to understand, and immediately implementable. Looking forward to all my future dealings with him and his great team.”

Readers can get in touch with Team Hochberg at (855) 563-2843. To keep up with the latest news on everything related to homeownership and mortgages, follow its Facebook page.

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Team Hochberg, powered by Homeside Financial, has been originating loans since 2000 and is licensed to provide mortgage lending services across the nation. They streamline the mortgage process to efficiently handle and close your loan in a matter of days.

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