Tips to Make the Most Out of a Custom Printed 10x10 Canopy at Promotional Events

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Thornton, Colorado -

KD Kanopy is offering tips for organizations to stand out at festivals with its high-quality and varied custom-printed branding options such as banners, canopies, tents, flags, and more.

Despite the rise of online advertising over the past two decades, local promotions and in-person outreach remain the most effective ways for brands and businesses to convey their value proposition to an interested audience. With over 13,000 trade shows organized across the United States every year, and countless local events for promotion, businesses are advised to plan for a strong showing when the opportunity presents itself.

“Professionally printed custom promotional material can help you set yourself apart in a sea of competitors,” the spokesperson for the company says. “High-quality prints and attractive designs enable you to portray yourself as a brand that has the resources and dedication to deliver premium products and services. You can be in complete control of your image and make your marketing truly reflect who you are as a business.”

Custom flags emblazoned with the company’s name and logo can be placed strategically to draw in visitors at crowded events. With their verticality, they easily attract the eye from a distance and increase the chances of potential customers stopping by a company’s booth. Step and repeat banners offer a large graphic design area that packs in a lot of vital information and can be used to succinctly communicate everything unique about a business.

Pop-up tents, such as the company’s custom 10x10 canopy, provide shade on sunny days and allow customers to congregate around the company’s representatives to comfortably have detailed discussions with them about its core business. Trade show accessories such as table covers may be customized to showcase current discounts, offers, or new product launches and steer the conversation even before the initial introduction is made.

The spokesperson also imparts some valuable advice for organizers to follow on the day of the event by saying, “Make sure to give yourself enough time in your schedule to reach the venue and set up your booth or display. Popup tents can be set up by one to two people in less than 5 minutes, but some tents could require additional time and personnel. Check the weather forecast for the day if it is an outdoor event as weather-resistant canopies may not be able to offer protection during heavy rain or snowfall. Carry a base set of tools with you to ensure you can make repairs on the fly if needed. We also recommend keeping cleaning materials on hand to wipe away dust or grime for outdoor or overnight events. When storing the canopies, tents, and banners, make sure they are clean and dry for longevity and use for future events.”

KD Kanopy offers a range of customized branding tools for events and festivals including promotional banners and flags, pop-up tents, canopy tents, trade show accessories, and more. The company’s products have benefited businesses in several industries such as sports and events, radio, news, TV and media, schools and fraternities, parks and recreation, restaurants and bars, government and military, beverage distributors, and several others.

KD Kanopy handles every step of the production process in-house including manufacturing, printing, and sewing. A large majority of KD Kanopy products are made in the USA, delivered within 5 to 7 business days, and can be shipped nationwide and worldwide. KD Kanopy offers special pricing for GSA customers including those representing the US Army, US Navy, US Coastguard, US Marines, the Department of Defense, FEMA, the National Guard, and others.

KD Kanopy boasts a near-perfect rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 from over 70 reviews on its Google Business Profile. In their reviews, customers repeatedly praise both the quality of the products and the customer service received. One recent review says, “I've completed multiple orders with KD Kanopy and all have been flawless. Great product and perfect service.”

Readers are urged to visit KD Kanopy’s website to browse through its custom branding offerings or to contact the company at (855) 584-2510 for inquiries.

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