Trees on Screen: Tulsa Tree Experts Presents Film Festival Celebrating Trees in Cinema

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Tulsa, Oklahoma -

Tulsa, OKTulsa Tree Experts, a premier tree care company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is proud to announce the Trees on Screen Film Festival launch, a unique event celebrating the presence and significance of trees in cinema. The festival will showcase diverse films, documentaries, and shorts that feature trees in meaningful and memorable ways, emphasizing their cultural and environmental importance.

Denise Matthews, CEO of Tulsa Tree Experts, shares her excitement for the upcoming festival: "Trees have long been a powerful symbol and a source of inspiration in cinema. Through the Trees on Screen Film Festival, we aim to highlight trees' beauty, strength, and versatility as they are portrayed on the big screen while raising awareness about their vital role in our everyday lives."

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The Trees on Screen Film Festival will take place at a local theater in Tulsa, featuring screenings of classic and contemporary films that showcase trees in various contexts. From timeless tales of enchanted forests to modern documentaries exploring the urgent need for environmental conservation, the festival offers a diverse and engaging lineup for film and nature enthusiasts alike.

Matthews discusses the festival's unique appeal: "Our film selection is carefully curated to demonstrate the breadth and depth of trees' influence in cinema. In addition, we want to provide our audience with a thought-provoking and entertaining experience that not only celebrates the artistic achievements of filmmakers but also sparks important conversations about the environment and the significance of trees in our world."

To see how Tulsa Tree Experts takes care of trees in commercial and residential properties, visit the company's website:

In addition to the film screenings, the Trees on Screen Film Festival will feature panel discussions, workshops, and presentations led by industry professionals, environmentalists, and tree care experts. These events will allow attendees to engage in meaningful conversations about the themes presented in the films and learn more about tree care, preservation, and the impact of climate change on forests.

Matthews emphasizes the festival's educational component: "At Tulsa Tree Experts, we believe that education and awareness are key to promoting environmental stewardship and preserving our natural resources. Through our panel discussions and workshops, we hope to empower our audience with the knowledge and tools they need to impact the environment and the trees surrounding us positively."

The Trees on Screen Film Festival is also committed to supporting local filmmakers and artists. The event will include a special section dedicated to showcasing the work of Tulsa-based filmmakers, providing them with a platform to share their stories and connect with a broader audience.

"We are proud to support the local filmmaking community and celebrate the talent and creativity of our homegrown artists," says Matthews. "By featuring their work alongside renowned films from around the world, we hope to inspire and encourage the next generation of filmmakers to continue exploring the fascinating world of trees and the environment."

A portion of the Trees on Screen Film Festival proceeds will be donated to local environmental organizations and tree-planting projects in the Tulsa area, further emphasizing the event's commitment to environmental conservation and community engagement.

Matthews reflects on the festival's broader mission: "Our goal with the Trees on Screen Film Festival is not only to entertain and enlighten our audience but also to create a lasting impact on our community and the environment. By supporting tree planting initiatives and environmental organizations, we hope to inspire others to join us in our mission to protect and preserve our planet's invaluable resources."

Tulsa Tree Experts plan their tree maintenance procedures at their base of operation located at 3171 S 129th East Ave Ste A PMB 2070 Tulsa, OK, 74134. Homeowners, however, can contact the company at 539-666-4317 and

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Tulsa Tree Experts is a family-owned tree service with over 20-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Tulsa & Tulsa County.

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