Conveyancing in Dandenong has recently launched a YouTube channel, dedicated to providing real estate news and updates to its viewers.

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Buyers and sellers in Dandenong, Victoria now have a new resource with the launch of LEAD Conveyancing’s YouTube Channel. LEAD Conveyancing Dandenong is a conveyancing firm based in Australia. They help manage the conveyancing process for buyers and sellers to help “take the stress” out of buying or selling property. Conveyancing, which is the legal transfer of a property from one person to another, is a major part of real estate. The process requires paperwork, negotiations, and navigating through legal restrictions. The average buyer or seller is not equipped to handle this process alone and may face roadblocks when they attempt to manage themselves. LEAD Conveyancing was established to eliminate the stress and confusion of conveyancing for buyers and sellers and to leave the heavy lifting to the experts.

“Our clients often come to us anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed,” says Trinh Thai, Legal Director and founder of LEAD Conveyancing. “As property lawyers, we know the ins and outs of the conveyancing process. We handle writing contracts, can support negotiations, and help clients avoid making big mistakes. Everything we do is to ensure the client reaches a timely and satisfactory settlement.”

Conveyancing Solicitor in Dandenong

The YouTube Channel is a place where buyers and sellers can go to learn more about the conveyancing process. Frequently Asked Questions, a layout of the process step by step, and team member introductions are all available via the channel. The more educated buyers and sellers are, Thai explains, the more comfortable they can be going forward.

“We don’t expect clients to fully grasp every facet of the process, but we want them to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about everything we do, so there is no confusion,” Thai says.

Conveyancing can be a lengthy process. The longer buyers or sellers go without closing on the property, the more money is left on the table. LEAD Conveyancing works to quickly bring to a settlement, which is why they staff their team with highly knowledgeable, experienced lawyers. Founder Trinh Thai has been in the conveyancing business for 7 years and holds a double degree in Law and Psychology. Senior Lawyer and Solicitor Kristy Fletcher, a double degree holder in both Law and Criminology, has worked for a number of large-volume firms and multi-million dollar contracts. Fletcher has received a number of 5-star reviews from clients who appreciate her diligence and keen eye for contracts. Another Senior Lawyer, Sherry Chen has a Juris Doctorate in Law, a Master in Business, and a Bachelor’s in Law. Chen is also a multilingual lawyer and can speak 5 different languages including English, Cantonese, German, Shanghainese and Mandarin. Her ability to work across a number of clients and her expertise make her one of the firm's most high-performing lawyers.

Also with the team are lawyers, Shay Adhar and Heidi Davison, along with two paralegals Nicholas Tsau and Mark Fletcher (kin to Kristy). The YouTube channel is set to feature everyone from the team so that buyers and sellers get a good understanding of whom they’ll be working with.

“I never shy away from saying that our team is the best in Australia,” Thai asserts. “We are experienced, educated, dutiful, and we provide top-notch, friendly service that our customers truly appreciate.”

The company, which has won “Best Customer Service” awards 3 years in a row, was recently honoured with yet another Service Award from Word of Mouth. That makes two years in a row, with 2022 and 2023. They also have over 100 5-star reviews on Google. When it comes to their success, Thai says they have no plans on slowing down.

“We want the whole country to recognize us as the LEAD conveyancing firm in the nation,” she says. “The Youtube Channel will continue to spread awareness about us, not only at home but abroad.”

To contact LEAD Conveyancing Dandenong, reach founder Trinh Thai by phone at (07) 8657 4368 or email Their Dandenong office is located at Suite 100, 7, 225 Lonsdale St, Dandenong VIC 3175.

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Our LEAD Conveyancing Dandenong office offers a residential property conveyance service in the Dandenong and surrounding region for a fixed priced.

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