Antique Moving Services Available At 87 Movers

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Las Vegas, Nevada -

NV based 87 Movers Las Vegas is advising local residents and businesses to utilize a professional service if they need to relocate an antique. Customers are welcome to contact the company today to make use of 87 Movers’ own antique moving services as well.

Anyone who owns a delicate antique or work of art will know how crucial it is that they be treated with extreme care. An object of significant age can be quite vulnerable, and many will be aware of the lengths owners have to go to in order to preserve such items even when stored in a single spot. An object in transit, unfortunately, is at much greater risk, so it is in the owner’s best interests to ensure it has as much protection as possible.

Antique Moving Services

The best way to achieve this, as many have already discovered, is to call 87 Movers. The company understands the value an antique or work of art can possess, and this has led them to invest heavily in both training and equipment. Each member assigned to a move, for instance, knows exactly how to pack an object and prepare it for the journey ahead. Similarly, the packing materials and equipment used to execute the move are expressly designed for this purpose.

As a review from Raquel H. says, “If you live in the Vegas area, I can’t imagine you’ll find anyone better, so don’t even bother looking. The team at 87 Movers are genuinely some of the kindest, most attentive and efficient humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. This was my first move where I felt like movers were a necessity, but I was beyond nervous because you always hear horror stories of things breaking or it costing an arm and a leg to get done. Cindy and Tony made every worry I possibly had just melt away.”

To explain how the company achieved this, the review says, “The communication was constant, the process of getting a quote was painless, and moving day with Tony and MJ was like having an extension of the family coming over to help out. They were so fast, with not a second or step wasted. All of our TVs, antiques and large furniture were handled with such care and attention to detail that any lingering worry I had melted away. If you’re looking for fair pricing, excellent service and a painless moving experience, I could not recommend 87 Movers more.”

87 Movers Las Vegas acknowledges that many customers will be skeptical of any movers’ capabilities, especially when their most valuable possessions are on the line. To help assuage these concerns, the company says, “We’ve an experienced team who has been equipped with everything they need to move your antiques with minimal risk. If you’d like to see us in action, we invite you to watch our YouTube videos or stop by the office to discuss your needs with a member of the team. We welcome all inquiries and look forward to working with you in the future.”

The review also illustrates another aspect of the company’s capabilities, their services are not limited to antique relocation alone. 87 Movers has helped homeowners and businesses move contents of entire properties, regardless of what said contents may be, including furniture, fixtures, miscellaneous installations and more.

Similarly, they are unhindered by large or diverse collections that require a variety of techniques to transport safely. With 87 Movers, each item receives the care it deserves, and a move is always planned and organized well in advance –with the customer’s ongoing involvement — to give it the highest chances of success. A plan may account for an object’s fragility, orientation, optimal storage conditions and more.

“We invite you to speak to our team if you have any concerns,” states the company. “Check our Facebook page, call our office or get in touch any other way you find most convenient. We will be happy to discuss your needs.”

The company can be reached via phone or email. 87 Movers offers a variety of all-inclusive moving services to residential and commercial customers in the area.

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87 Movers Las Vegas is a full service Las Vegas moving company committed to delivering professional service at a fair price. Our local movers make the moving process easy and stress-free.

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