Vizual Symphony Notes Trends in Video Conferencing Upgrades for A Hybrid Workplace

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Glendale, California -

Audio Visual integration specialist Vizual Symphony is commenting on the latest trends in web video conferencing, especially given the changing nature of the hybrid workplace.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses scrambled to maintain the continuity of business operations through lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. The collective experience of trying to collaborate with coworkers and be productive from home led to a never-before-seen adoption of video conferencing solutions. Moreover, reliable online communications have become even more critical due to remote work and the rise of the digital nomad lifestyle.

The advancements in web conferencing in the last two years are miraculous. Web conferencing is used more frequently for client meetings, job interviews, and collaborations. As a result, what was once only seldom used became critical for the workplace to function smoothly. Moreover, since employees realized the benefits of work-from-home arrangements, they soon became the norm for many corporations.

Today, web conferencing solutions are used extensively by corporations, organizations, and educational institutions for their communication and meeting requirements. As professionals adjust to the new paradigm, the features and usability of online conferencing systems will need ongoing upgrades.

Vizual Symphony CEO Susan Holguin appeals to businesses to adopt the latest Audio Visual solutions by saying, "At a time when solutions in the space are more capable and affordable than ever, we urge you to upgrade your company's video conferencing technology systems. As a result, it will energize your employees and empower them to do their best work from any location. With clear video and audio, you can ensure meeting equity where everyone can see and hear in-room or remotely. In addition, remote participants can fully participate in meetings with advanced audio, video, and presentation sharing capabilities."

In contrast to the latest AV conferencing options, legacy video conferencing systems need updates to keep in-office and remote participants interacting seamlessly. In addition, legacy systems' poor audio-video quality and insufficient networking bandwidth set unnecessary roadblocks to productivity. Ideally, web conferencing systems are easy to set up and launch meetings. That must be the case in the meeting room and the remote office.

According to Holguin, there are many benefits of upgrading and updating web conferencing and video conferencing technology integration. She adds that "with a capable infrastructure, everyone will be able to focus on the meeting and not on the technology. Your employees will collaborate better as seamless and easy-to-use systems create a standardized uniform user experience. Meetings can start smoothly without wasting time figuring out how to use the system. Today's video conferencing systems should promote meeting equity for all participants, wherever they might be."

Vizual Symphony champions the creation of a hybrid workplace to enhance the meeting experience. Some of the company's suggestions include placing the in-room participants around the conferencing camera system, getting multiple camera angles to see and hear all participants, using acoustic fabric to minimize reverb and boost sound quality, and using flexible display solutions that can show group and individual participants. In addition, the company believes that all organizations can benefit from standardized meeting room technology.

Readers can contact expert audio-visual integrators, Vizual Symphony at (626) 229-9112 to inquire about the company's services and to set up an appointment. The company has an excellent record of setting up and upgrading audio-visual installations for all public and private organizations, including corporate offices, educational institutions, municipalities, museums, houses of worship, and more. Visit their website at to get started with its comprehensive AV systems integration services.

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