Filterbuy, Inc. Offers Rigid Cell Replacement Filters

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Talladega, AL based Filterbuy, Inc. is pleased to share more insight on its Rigid Cell replacement filters. These filters are available either with header or without header for both 6” and 12” depths, and the company asserts that they are more than suited for virtually commercial or industrial HVAC systems.

There are several advantages to purchasing an air filter through the FilterBuy platform. Customers, for instance, may select from a variety of options as per their project’s requirements. A FilterBuy Rigid Cell Filter can be obtained in any of three efficiency levels, including 65% (MERV 11), 85% (MERV 13) and 95% (MERV 14). The company adds that all of its Rigid filters are enclosed in a galvanized steel frame. Similarly, the media is supported by wire backing (as well as plastic fingers to ensure support). Available with or without header, customers can also choose between several sizes.

Filterbuy, Inc. air filter

Those unfamiliar with FilterBuy’s products may be pleased to learn that the company offers fast and free shipping with the US. Similarly, the selection they boast is possibly the largest in the industry, and this is made all the more notable given that every product is made in the USA. Shopping for air filters is extremely intuitive, and customers may browse based on their preferred brand, size or type. On the other hand, the products are by no means the platform’s only advantage — many find themselves coming back to FilterBuy due to its exemplary customer service and support.

As Rigoberto M. shares in a review, “I was extremely pleased with the customer service that I received. I had purchased the wrong size filter, and you guys went above and beyond in order to get me the right ones. You’ve got a customer for years to come.”

Elsewhere, Sam K. says that, “Filterbuy has great customer service. I will absolutely work with them in the future. They handled my own mistake very quickly. I really didn't expect it.”

Filterbuy recognizes how important air filters are for the industries its customers work in, and the team has long decided that they will make every attempt to help customers make the most of the products they purchase. In some cases, mistakes may be made, but that can still mean that a customer would potentially be at risk while it is rectified. Since Filterbuy places a high priority on customer service, satisfaction, and above all, safety, such mistakes may be considered secondary concerns. The customer comes first, and that means the company will do its utmost to get the correct order delivered in short order.

“We understand that many in the community have clients of their own who will not tolerate delays,” adds Filterbuy. “While we may not know the particulars of your project, a delay often means higher costs, and this could potentially reflect poorly on you and your team. We consider each and every one of our customers a lifetime partner, so we will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for — on time and within budget.”

Many of the company’s customers are experts in their field, but advancing technologies and shifting industry requirements can sometimes mean that it is unclear which products are needed. The company’s own team makes it a point to carefully track every possible application an Filterbuy, Inc. air filter can be put to, so customers always have a knowledgeable resource at hand if they are unsure about their next purchase. Inquiries may be directed to the team, and customers can rest assured that they will receive assistance as quickly as possible.

The company also offers custom-created air filters for those who do not find a suitable product on the platform. All they have to do is submit a series of measurements, indicate the preferred performance rating for their filter and let the company know exactly how many units are required. As with all of the other products on the platform, FilterBuy will ensure it is delivered with minimal hassle.

Customers may place an order with ease by visiting the official FilterBuy website. The team can also be reached by phone or email in the event further assistance is needed.

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