Study Reveals Link Between Poor Sleep and Heart Disease and How Functional Mushrooms Can Help

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Sacramento, California -

Sacramento, CA - Nature's Rise, a life science company dedicated to helping individuals achieve optimal health, has just concluded a study investigating the relationship between heart disease and poor sleep. Led by medicinal mushroom experts like Dr. Sony Sherpa, MD, the study revealed how certain functional mushrooms could help improve heart health and sleep quality. These findings were presented at the Nature's Rise 2023 Global Summit in Sacramento, California.

The study was conducted over three months and involved 100 participants with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions. At the beginning of the study, participants were assessed for sleep quality and cardiovascular health.

Functional Mushrooms

Participants then participated in a 30-day program that included a daily dose of Nature's Rise functional mushroom blend. The blend contains four different species of mushrooms shown to be beneficial for cardiovascular health and sleep.

At the end of the study period, participants reported greater overall well-being. According to survey results, these individuals experienced improved sleep quality, reported feeling better rested, and were more capable of managing their stress. Furthermore, health indicators relating to cardiovascular health revealed significant improvement; for instance, participants saw reductions in their blood pressure readings as well as cholesterol levels.

"We are thrilled to have discovered that our functional mushroom blend is effective in improving sleep and heart health," said David Longacre, CEO of Nature's Rise. "This study confirms that natural remedies like functional mushrooms can significantly prevent and manage chronic conditions. Moreover, the study served as a real wake-up call for most of us—it indicated that adopting healthier and beneficial natural products could be an effective preventative mechanism for chronic diseases that plague us today."

Dr. Sony Sherpa, MD, the study's lead researcher, added, "Our research provides further evidence that poor sleep can harm heart health. Moreover, we have learned that using functional mushrooms as part of a healthy lifestyle is an effective way to address both issues simultaneously."

Nature's Rise is a life science company that provides safe and effective natural remedies to help individuals achieve optimal health. In addition, the Sacramento-based company is known for collaborating with functional mushroom experts to conduct studies to determine the best ways to address existing and emerging health conditions. Those interested in staying updated about the company's research studies can visit its website at The company can also be reached at (866) 433-0966 and any day of the week.

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Nature’s Rise is an organic mushroom supplement company for people on an epic journey to physical and mental well-being, health, self-improvement, and brain health. This includes functional mushroom products, as well as other superfoods and nutrients.

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