Breezy Hollow Puppies Offers Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale in Texas

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Breezy Hollow Puppies breed Goldendoodles.With demand for well-breed and cute puppies, Breezy Hollow Puppies are happy to now offer Goldendoodle puppies in Texas. The breeders offer Standard, Medium, Mini, and Micro Goldendoodles.

“The Goldendoodle is a very popular choice, known for the great discipline and gentle spirit of the retriever, as well as the high intelligence and incredible retrieval skills of the poodle, making the Goldendoodle hybrid a very well liked dog,” says Omar Lapp, owner of Breezy Hollow Puppies. “All of our puppies are 2nd generation (F1B) which makes them the least likely to shed and gives them the best chance of being hypoallergenic. The pride and passion is shown in each of Breezy Hollows Puppies.”

Based in Millersburg, Pennsylvania, Breezy Hollow Puppies has raised puppies since 2015. With seven years of puppy-breeding experience, the local goldendoodle breeder understands the importance of having well-trained, social puppies. All Goldendoodle puppies are healthy and socialize well with family. Breezy Hollow Puppies also offer a premium Puppy Training Program to help start potty training.

While their headquarters are in Pennsylvania, Breezy Hollow Puppies offer shipping and ground transportation to closer locations. Puppies can easily be shipped to any major airport in Texas or the surrounding area for an additional $499.

Breezy Hollow Puppies are up to date on shots, have been dewormed and have been checked by a vet for any health issues. All puppies come with a certificate of health signed by the vet and all parents of the puppies are all genetically health tested as well. At 8 weeks, puppies are well socialized and partially potty trained. The breeders also offer tips on how to finish potty training after purchase.

The Breezy Hollow Puppies farm offers a positive and protected environment for new puppies to thrive. There is a small developmental window at the beginning of every dog’s life where they are extremely sensitive to their environment. The number of positive encounters they have with other people and dogs during this period, which ranges from just a few weeks old to three or four months of age, can dramatically influence how friendly they are as adults.

Breezy Hollow Puppies raise Goldendoodles in 3 size ranges. Mini (10-20lbs), Medium (20-40lbs), and Standard (45lb+). They also offer a variety of colors: Blue Merle, Cream, Black, Golden, and Red with white markings.To see examples and sizes, Breeze Hollow puppies include photos of past adoptions on their website for reference.

The local Goldendoodle breeders partner with Great Lakes Pet Food to offer a puppy nutritional plan for the newest addition. Breezy Hollow Puppies are second generation goldendoodles and with this pedigree, should be fed a quality diet. This puppy nutritional plan offers a grain free diet, specialized for Goldendoodles. The diet consists of meat and vegetable based foods, instead of classic grain-based kibble. While this diet costs more up front, puppies thrive on a grain free diet and could go to the vet less because of its benefits.

A grain-free diet means less smelly stool and less stool in general. On this diet, dogs eat 40% less, meaning less goes in and less comes out. Also, a dog’s digestion will not work over time to digest grains. When a dog eats grains, they cannot always digest it completely and it can sit and rot in a dogs stomach, causing a smellier stool. This diet also strengthens a dog’s immune system and gives dog’s vital vitamins and minerals.

“We searched for Goldendoodle puppies near me, and found Breeze Hollow Puppies. We couldn’t be happier,” says a Breeze Hollow Puppies customer. “Riley has been a great addition to our family. She has this lovable personality and always loves meeting new friends. She loves watching our kids play sports and barking at the garbage trucks.”

To see available puppies and the parents of all of the puppies, look at Breeze Hollow’s Website. To schedule a meeting, talk about sizes, or discuss travel plans contact them directly. For more information contact (717) 692-5421, or email the company at Breeze Hollow Puppies have headquarters in 174 Maple Drive Millersburg, Pennsylvania 17061.

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About Breezy Hollow Puppies :

We raise Standard, Medium, Mini, and Micro Goldendoodles and have a Puppy Training Program. At Breezy Hollow Puppies we strive to present a healthy puppy that is well-socialized and ready to fit right in with your family.

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174 Maple Drive

(717) 692-5421

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