Award-Winning Bluffton Dentist Offers a Range of Dental Care Services

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Bluffton, SC - Off-Island Dental Care, a dental care provider based in Bluffton, South Carolina, is quickly earning a reputation for being among the best in the region. The multi-awarded dentist is pleased to provide a full spectrum of dental care for patients of all ages.

Regarding oral health, it's important to schedule regular checkups, so Off-Island Dental advocates for regular visits. Off-Island Dental offers everything from simple cleanings and prophylaxes to more complex dental surgeries. The practice of prophylaxis, or professional teeth cleaning, twice a year is highly recommended by the Bluffton, SC dentist, for it can help maintain oral health and stop the development of oral diseases.

Fluoride Treatment Bluffton SC is one of the common treatments they offer. Fluoride treatment is simple and can be done in less than five minutes. The process involves placing flavored fluoride gel or foam in a mouth guard-like tray and wearing it for a set amount of time.

Fluoride's effectiveness in preventing and treating cavities, reversing their progression when caught early enough, restoring tooth enamel, and reinforcing bonding after they've been compromised by wear and tear has made it a staple in dental care. Off-Island Dental says fluoride treatment isn't just for children; it's also recommended for adults.

"Our professional dentists will provide you the kind attention you deserve when performing dental procedures. An added benefit is our state-of-the-art facility, which is equipped with the latest technologies," the dental care professional asserts.

Meanwhile, Bluffton's Trusted Family and Cosmetic Dentist performs complex dental procedures. Root Canal Treatment is one of the procedures they provide for those with badly damaged teeth. Also known as endodontic treatment, root canal treatment entails making a hole in the tooth and removing the infected pulp and nerve.

They also provide a range of Cosmetic Dentistry procedures that improve a patient's teeth, gums, and bite appearance. The focus of cosmetic dentistry is the improvement of dental aesthetics in color, position, shape, size, alignment, and overall smile appearance. Off-Island Dental performs cosmetic dentistry in Bluffton SC every day.

Currently, they perform the following cosmetic dentistry treatments: indirect fillings, teeth whitening, dental veneers, composite bonding, invisible braces, dental implants, and full mouth reconstruction.

The Bluffton SC Dentist has been helping locals for a long time. The team has the necessary expertise and training to give first-rate care to patients at every visit. Patients interested in learning more about the full range of treatments provided by Off-Island Dental may visit

Bluffton patients can make an appointment with Dr. Michael D. Langehans by calling Off-Island Dental Care at (843) 815-7844 or email The clinic is at 1 Sherington Dr # H, Bluffton, SC 29910.

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About Off-Island Dental Care :

Dr. Langehans is an award winning Dental Professional, an active community volunteer, and owner of Off Island Dental. Dr. Langehans has a reputation of helping his patients achieve “the perfect smile”

Contact Off-Island Dental Care:

Dr. Michael D. Langehans, D.M.D.

1 Sherington Dr # H, Bluffton, SC 29910

(843) 815-7844

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