Bathroom Remodeling Service Provider for Park Ridge Gains Glowing Reviews

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Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, a remodeling contractor based in Harwood Heights, IL, that provides bathroom remodeling for homes in nearby Park Ridge and surrounding areas to allow homeowners to finally have the kind of bathroom they have been dreaming of, has received several five star reviews. They believe the reason for these five star reviews is their ability to fully comprehend the value of a modern and comfortable bath for the family.

In one of the recent five star reviews, Kelly R.F. said, “I am convinced that no other company could have achieved the same high standard of work as Premier Kitchen & Bath. My decision to collaborate with them was a wise choice, and for that, I thank them heartily.” In another five star review, Diane M. said, “The team showed remarkable attention to detail in their work, displaying a level of courtesy and professionalism at all times. Problems encountered during the kitchen remodel were handled with ease, resulting in our mutual satisfaction upon completion. We are overjoyed by the results.”

Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Randall James Lipp from Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling says, “We understand how crucial it is to have an updated and energizing bathroom, and our team of experts are here to help you realize that dream. Whether you’re searching for minor or large improvements – we will assemble the ideal bathing area that matches within your financial plan while still surpassing all expectations. Allow us to craft a haven specifically designed just for comfort and serenity – from cost-effective solutions up through grand makeovers. Call us or visit our office. If you need directions to our office, check out our Google Maps page.”

Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling experts will do their best to completely understand the needs and preferences of the homeowner in order to provide the appropriate recommendations, whatever the size of the remodeling project is. They offer different packages to allow the homeowner to pick based on budget and preferences. The client will be consulted in various details, such as the colors and fixtures to be used in the new bathroom, the flooring, and more, ensuring a stress-free bathroom renovation process for the client.

To make sure they exceed the expectations of the homeowner, they only utilize high quality materials and apply the best techniques for every remodeling project they handle. One of their important recommendations is the use of recessed lighting fixtures throughout the bathroom ceiling to make the bath brighter. A dimmer switch can also be installed to allow adjustment of the lighting and the mood in the bathroom.

It may also be a good idea to ensure the right placements of the light fixtures and the mirrors. A shampoo niche may also be provided for the new bathroom. For the shower floors, smaller tiles are recommended, whether textured or not. This is because when bigger tiles are used, the grouts are farther away from each other, which reduces friction. The grouts closer to each other with smaller tiles offer more traction and therefore are better for shower floors. Meanwhile, a walk-in shower may be recommended for the new bathroom as it offers the illusion of having more space in the bathroom.

Started in 2010, Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling is a certified remodeling contractor that delivers residential home remodeling services and one of the cities they can offer their services to is Park Ridge and neighboring areas. They have 35+ years of experience and knowledge in interior remodeling. One of their remodeling experts will be guiding the homeowner at every step of the way of the bathroom remodeling effort. They will also assist the client in picking the appropriate products to use and deciding on the various details of the new bathroom.

When looking for services for bathroom remodeling Park Ridge residents can check out the Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling website or contact them on the telephone or through email. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

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About Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling :

We are a Certified Remodeling Company specializing in Residential Home Remodeling. We are Experts in the Remodeling of Bathrooms, Kitchens and Basements. We bring over 35 years of experience & knowledge to your home improvement projects.

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7125 W. Gunnison suite #211
Harwood Heights, IL 60706

(847) 584-1420

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