Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Brings Superior Construction To All

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Harwood Heights, IL Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling is extending their services to help ensure that every home in their community is eligible for remodeling projects. While the company may operate out of Harwood Heights, they are willing to visit and work with customers in many of the surrounding areas as well.

The contractor’s coverage is expansive, stretching from Arlington Heights to Park Ridge and beyond. As their name suggests, Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling specializes in kitchen and bathroom work, but customers should be aware that the company can actually lend their expertise in other aspects of home remodeling as well.

Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

For instance, they can handle virtually all a property’s plumbing needs, a crucial skill given the scope of some of their bigger bathroom projects. Older plumbing, the company explains, can sometimes fail to meet modern standards or even accommodate a home’s needs, and it may have to be replaced in its entirety at some point. Many customers choose to have their plumbing updated along with their bathrooms because this is much more convenient. Thanks to Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling’s in-house plumbers, they can get all this work done through a single source.

Similarly, the company says that homes in their service area also tend to need a lot of electrical work done. Customers tend to prefer a contractor who is confident about working with electricity, and this is exactly what Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling provides. As such, homes with old or faulty wiring can expect the contractor to take care of it with minimal fuss, and this comes in especially handy if they wish to have their basement redone. Many families, the company says, like to transform their basement into an entertainment center that all can enjoy, and this sometimes requires extra wiring to be installed to support all the room’s planned amenities. Between their plumbing, construction and electrical experience, Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling can handle virtually any challenge they are presented with.

The company has received many glowing reviews from customers, with a few going out of their way to extol the team’s virtues at length. One such review, from customer A. Madsen, heaps praise on the company for all the work they put in to ensure the project went off without a hitch and would not fall behind under any circumstances.

The 5-Star review states, “The process reminded me of the process I go through at work in starting a new project. In-depth questions were asked to get what we were really looking for, a timeline was built, and a project plan was put forward. It was outlined very clearly what materials and access we would need to provide and what materials and professional services would be supplied by them.”

The customer adds that the team conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism at all times, demonstrating the extent of their knowledge in the industry while remaining courteous and maintaining an open line of communication. This was appreciated even more considering the project in question had to begin at the same time pandemic lockdowns first went into effect, thereby offering numerous challenges that few had ever dealt with before. The review says the company even obtained all the necessary permits and stayed on top of scheduling to keep the project as closely on track as possible.

“Fast forward to now,” the review concludes, “and my wife and I still love our new bathroom. The quality of workmanship is outstanding. The attention to detail, from extra blocking behind the four towel bars, shower bars and shower seat to the meticulous care in laying the tile and mounting the cabinets and vanity is fabulous.” The customer has generously supplied pictures of the completed project in their Google review (as have several others), clearly illustrating how the company earned their sterling reputation.

Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling serves the communities of Arlington Heights, DesPlaines, Mount Prospect, Niles, Park Ridge and so on. A map of the company’s full service area can be found on their official website (along with information on their various services). Customers are invited to get in touch today to request an inspection and estimate for any work they may want done.

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We are a Certified Remodeling Company specializing in Residential Home Remodeling. We are Experts in the Remodeling of Bathrooms, Kitchens and Basements. We bring over 35 years of experience & knowledge to your home improvement projects.

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