Man Credits The River Source for Changing His Life After Struggling with Drug Addiction

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Arizona City, Arizona -

Arizona City, Arizona — The River Source has earned another 5-star review from a man who left his home in Minnesota to seek substance abuse treatment in Arizona.

After completing the inpatient portion of his treatment at The River Source, he reported that his behavioral health therapists “changed my life for the better.” The client now plans to extend his time in treatment to include outpatient programming.

Arizona Addiction Treatment Center

The River Source offers comprehensive addiction treatment programs that include both inpatient and outpatient programs. This man is among the rehab’s many clients who have opted to enroll in a full lineup of substance abuse treatment. The River Source offers a treatment guarantee for clients who complete its full ‘Reclaim Your Life’ treatment program. Anyone who relapses within a year of completing the program can return for free additional therapy.

Positive reviews that highlight the empathy and expertise of The River Source’s clinicians are especially meaningful to the rehab because it relates to the core of their mission–helping people get better. Substance use disorders can erode everything that’s important to a person–their mental and physical health, spiritual well-being, family, job, and more. The River Source targets each aspect of drug and alcohol addiction, helping each client rebuild their life in the context of sobriety.

One of the ways that The River Source’s treatment programs differ from other rehabs is their multi-approach to addiction recovery. The rehab’s programs include evidence-based treatments and holistic therapies that, together, provide well-rounded support to help clients develop a strong recovery foundation. Its various treatment approaches address each aspect of alcohol and drug addiction.

Clinically driven treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy form the core of The River Source’s treatment programs while holistic treatments such as nutritional support and physical fitness complement evidence-based treatments and enhance the recovery process.

The River Source’s treatment programs include medical detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and an alumni program that offers ongoing support. Each plan is individualized to suit each client’s needs. The rehab’s clinicians treat clients who are addicted to alcohol, illicit drugs like heroin and meth, and prescription drugs such as opioid painkillers.

Some clients opt to enroll in one of the rehab’s special treatment tracks. For instance, The River Source offers specialized programming for pregnant women, ensuring that their particular needs are met. Not all rehabs offer treatment tracks for women, Native Americans, or other populations of people with unique needs, but The River Source does.

Signing up for comprehensive treatment at The River Source involves an initial evaluation process. This step allows clinicians to assess each client’s needs so that a treatment plan can be created for them. Some clients need dual diagnosis treatment, for example. After the assessment and enrollment are complete, clients can begin treatment immediately. Detox is, generally, the first phase of addiction treatment. It lasts about a week during which time clinicians offer treatment to reduce withdrawal symptoms and speed the physical recovery process.

After detox, clients will move on to the rehab portion of therapy that addresses the psychological and behavioral health aspects of their addiction. Therapists will help each client identify their triggers–the drivers of their alcohol or drug abuse–and develop healthful strategies for managing them and preventing relapse. Clients can expect to take part in one-on-one counseling sessions and group therapy sessions during their treatment program.

After completing residential therapy, clients transition to outpatient treatment. Having grown in stability and the ability to manage their triggers, clients are able to begin the process of rebuilding their lives but with helpful support. Outpatient programming offers clients greater flexibility; clients who need more support may opt for a partial care plan while clients who require less support may opt for intensive outpatient therapy as they return to working or attending to other obligations.

Once clients complete outpatient treatment, they can attend aftercare programming and The River Source’s alumni program for ongoing support. Research has shown that the more time a person spends in formal substance abuse treatment, the less likely they are to experience a relapse.

Although glowing reviews are not unusual for The River Source, the rehab is delighted in every instance to know that another life has been changed for the better. Operating centers in Phoenix, as well as Tucson, TRS, is here to help. For more information about its substance abuse programs and treatments, contact The River Source.

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