San Antonio Tree Pros Introduces New Mobile Service Unit to Provide Tree Care and Maintenance Services in Remote Areas

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San Antonio, TX – San Antonio Tree Pros is proud to introduce a new mobile service unit that provides tree care and maintenance services to remote areas. The company, led by CEO Chrystal Kelli, is committed to making tree care more accessible for those who live in rural or hard-to-reach locations.

San Antonio Tree Pros' new mobile service unit is staffed by certified arborists and tree experts with the knowledge and experience to provide simple and complex maintenance services. The unit carries a full range of professional-grade tools and equipment to safely trim, prune, fertilize, remove dead wood, and maintain healthy trees. Additionally, the team has access to San Antonio Tree Pros' extensive database of tree species native to Texas to identify any specific needs for each tree quickly.

Certified San Antonio Tree Service Experts

The mobile service unit will travel weekly to meet with clients to provide on-site assessments and consultations. This will allow even those living in remote areas to benefit from the same level of expert care found at one of San Antonio Tree Pros' three store locations.

In addition to providing regular maintenance services, the mobile service unit can also respond quickly when a client requires emergency tree care or emergency removal services during extreme weather events. Furthermore, crews can be dispatched if a client suspects their tree may have suffered damage from a pest infestation or disease.

For more information on San Antonio Tree Pros services, visit the company's website:

San Antonio Tree Pros' commitment to safety means that no one will ever be at risk while providing services. Their mobile service unit can travel long distances to help customers who may not have access to traditional tree care providers due to location or other restrictions. This allows people in rural and hard-to-reach areas to receive top-notch tree care without leaving their homes or hiring a costly service provider from a larger city. The experienced technicians at San Antonio Tree Pros are committed to providing excellent customer service no matter where their clients are located, ensuring that everyone receives the same quality of workmanship regardless of their location or budget.

"At San Antonio Tree Pros, we are always looking for ways to serve our customers better and expand our reach," said Kelli. "We understand that many people living in remote areas don't have access to the same level of tree care as those living in urban environments. We wanted to bridge that gap and ensure everyone has access to professional tree services regardless of location."

In addition to providing tree care services, the unit will also be available for educational tours and classes on tree care and maintenance. This will help educate people living in rural areas on properly caring for their trees and ensuring they remain healthy and vibrant. As part of this initiative, San Antonio Tree Pros is offering discounts to qualified individuals and groups who wish to take advantage of their mobile service unit.

Kelli added, "With this new mobile service unit, we are thrilled to be able to bring professional tree care services to remote areas. We are also excited to help educate people on proper tree care techniques so they can maintain healthy and beautiful trees."

For more information on San Antonio Tree Pros and their new mobile service unit, please contact them at +1 210-879-8767 and The company's offices are located at 1721 South WW White Road, Suite 120 - 34, San Antonio, TX, 78220.

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About San Antonio Tree Pros :

San Antonio Tree Pros is a family-owned tree service founded in 2015 with experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in San Antonio & Bexar County.

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Chrystal Kelli

1721 South WW White Road Suite 120 - 34,
San Antonio, TX, 78220


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