Edmond Tree Experts Introduces New Tree Health Assessment Services to Improve Tree Longevity

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Edmond, OK – Edmond Tree Experts is proud to announce the launch of its new tree health assessment services. Founded by Ardian Idrizi, Edmond Tree Experts provides professional tree care and maintenance services to clients across the Oklahoma City area. With these new tree health assessments, the company can now offer a comprehensive range of services to help keep trees healthy and thriving for years.

Edmond Tree Experts' tree health assessments involve careful examination of the health of individual trees and their surrounding environment. Trained arborists conduct the assessments with extensive experience in diagnosing tree diseases, determining proper planting and pruning strategies, assessing insect infestations, and providing guidance for other maintenance issues.

Certified Edmond Tree Service Experts

In addition to providing an assessment report following an inspection, Edmond Tree Experts also offers advice on how to improve the health of the trees and prevent future damage or illness. The company can even provide specific recommendations on selecting appropriate species for a particular property. Ultimately, these services are designed to ensure that Oklahoma City residents can enjoy healthy and vibrant landscaping that contributes to the beauty of their outdoor living spaces.

"Our mission at Edmond Tree Experts is to provide our customers with the highest quality tree care services available," said Ardian Idrizi, CEO of Edmond Tree Experts. "We are committed to helping preserve the beauty and vitality of trees in our community, and our new health assessment services will help us achieve that goal."

To see other measures Edmond Tree Experts is taking to improve tree care, visit the company's website:

Edmond Tree Experts will inspect trees for signs of stress or damage from disease or pests as part of the new health assessment services. The company will also assess the tree's overall health and recommend how to maintain it best. This could include trimming, pruning, mulching, fertilizing, or pest control treatments. In some cases, the team may even suggest preventive therapies to reduce the risk of more severe issues developing in the future.

In addition to providing regular health assessments, Edmond Tree Experts offers a range of services designed to keep trees healthy and looking their best. These include tree pruning, cabling and bracing, fertilization, and pest control. The team is also experienced in storm cleanup and emergency tree removal services. Every service is tailored to the needs of each client and performed with a commitment to safety and professionalism.

"At Edmond Tree Experts, our team is dedicated to maintaining a healthy urban forest," said Idrizi. "Whether it's a routine health assessment or emergency, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right."

To learn more about Edmond Tree Experts and their new tree health assessment services, visit their offices at 402 Gayclifee Ter Edmond, OK, 73003. For a free consultation or estimate, call +1 405-444-8128 or email

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About Edmond Tree Experts :

Edmond Tree Experts is a family-owned tree service with over 20-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Edmond & Oklahoma County.

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Ardian Idrizi

402 Gayclifee Ter,
Edmond, OK, 73003


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