Cortes Law Firm is Educating Lawton, OK, Families and Businesses About Common Probate Issues

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Cortes Law Firm, an Oklahoma City probate and estate planning law firm, is helping Lawton, OK, residents understand the many common issues they can expect to encounter during the probate process.

There are two types of probate in Oklahoma – summary probate and regular probate. The former is applicable when the aggregate value of assets in the estate is less than $200,000. During summary probates, real estate cannot be sold, and the legal heirs are not determined until the last hearing. Regular probates begin with a petition from a loved one who is appointed the Personal Representative or Executor of the Estate. The Comanche County Court will also examine the legitimacy of the will if any, validate that it has jurisdiction over the matter, and make a list of the legal heirs to the estate. Regular probates can take anywhere from 5 to 7 months to complete but it is contingent on whether all the beneficiaries agree to the terms of the will.

The Lawton probate attorney then talks about some ways in which probate proceedings can be delayed by saying, “As heirs lament the loss of a cherished loved one or family member, the discussion surrounding the distribution of the assets can get messy. In my over 23 years of experience doing this, I have noticed that most of the time, it is not even about money. Family members who all feel a certain connection to ancestral heirlooms can bicker over certain indivisible items such as paintings. It can be a difficult time and tensions can erupt between blood relatives, even siblings. My team has learned how to best navigate these situations and can bring our years of wisdom to the table to ensure that things don’t turn sour over the next Thanksgiving dinner.”

Some of the other questions that Steve Cortes usually fields from his clients include what is the best way to avoid probate, what are the consequences of not going through probate, what are the steps involved in the probate process, and what are some common mistakes that people make during probate. The Cortes Law Firm website has an in-depth discussion of all of these commonly asked questions. Readers are urged to visit the website and find out more about the probate process and the law firm itself.

Steve Cortes helps individuals, families, and businesses, both in the private and public sectors, put the right estate plan in place to protect their assets and legacy. Cortes Law Firm’s wide array of legal services includes estate and trust planning, probate administration, wills and trusts, advance health care directives, powers of attorney, pour-over last will, and testament, HIPAA authorization, and real estate in trust. Steve Cortes received his JD from Oklahoma City University Law School in 1999. He also serves as a board member of the non-profit Oklahoma City Rescue Mission and Reaching Our City.

The law firm’s Google Business Profile is full of past clients who graciously thank Steve Cortes and paralegal Jessie Rosson for helping them in their time of need. The law firm, which has a perfect overall 5.0 out of 5.0 rating from over 30 reviews, is praised for its helpful and caring customer service.

One reviewer talks about their experience by saying, “Stephen Cortes welcomed me in his office for our initial consultation with honesty and optimism for what we could achieve with our situation. I had a few other consultations scheduled after his but I knew after our talks, he was the one I wanted to represent our side. It has been very pleasant and humbling to have someone dedicated to the individual needs and our group as a whole during the process. I could not be happier with the service Mr. Cortes provided and the most important thing, availability. Thank you, Stephen, for everything!”

Readers in Oklahoma City and nearby areas can contact Steve Cortes and his law firm at (405) 213-0856 to set up an appointment and get started.

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