Cortes Law Firm Expands Services: Midwest City Summary Probate Solutions Unveiled

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Cortes Law Firm, distinguished for its expertise in probate law and estate planning, recently announced its service expansion to incorporate summary probate services explicitly intended for the community of Midwest City, Oklahoma. Bolstered by more than 20 years of experience, the firm comprehends the intricate, urgent nature of probate processes and is poised to unveil a streamlined summary probate approach. This strategy aims at substainally curtailing the duration and inherent expenses for eligible estates within the Midwest City locale. For further information on their range of services, those interested can visit their website.

Summary probate is predicated on a legal framework that expedites the administration of estates that satisfy certain eligibility criteria, chiefly relating to the aggregate value of assets and unanimity amongst heirs. In Oklahoma, an estate is deemed suitable for summary probate provided its total assets do not exceed $200,000, and there exists a consensus among all heirs concerning the estate’s disposition. The appeal of this method lies in its potential for efficiency and reduced burdens compared to the protracted traditional probate channels, with resolutions typically achieved within a span of 50 to 60 days, contingent on judicial scheduling.

Cortes Law Firm Midwest City Probate Attorney

Steve Cortes, principal attorney at Cortes Law Firm Midwest City Oklahoma, accentuated the necessity for a thorough comprehension of the eligibility prerequisites for summary probate. "Our goal at Cortes Law Firm Midwest City Oklahoma is to furnish Midwest City families with a viable path through the probate maze. Summary probate emerges as a pragmatic solution for smaller estates, premised on absolute harmony among heirs. Such unanimity is pivotal for adopting this simplified proceeding, thereby streamlining the entire process to the benefit of all parties involved."

In the wake of bereavement, families often find the estate management obligations daunting. Awareness and judicious application of summary probate can mitigate some of the strains inherent in these difficult periods. Cortes Law Firm Midwest City Oklahoma proffers exhaustive guidance through every procedural stage, ensuring that clients are adeptly informed about their choices, guaranteeing the estate’s administration aligns with the decedent's intentions.

The introduction of summary probate services in Midwest City, Oklahoma by Cortes Law Firm Midwest City Oklahoma serves the locality's demand for astute legal support specific to probate and estate planning nuances. The firm stresses the value of professional assistance adept in navigating probate law intricacies, which aids in circumventing prospective challenges and discord that may surface.

"As we broaden our portfolio to encompass summary probate services, our objective remains to provide solace to families entangled in the probate quagmire," articulated Steve Cortes of Cortes Law Firm. "Through tailored advice and backing, we endeavor to enlighten Midwest City families, facilitating more informed decision-making and a more streamlined probate progression. At Cortes Law Firm Midwest City Oklahoma, we are committed to transforming what can be an arduously complex process into a more manageable transition during times of mourning."

Cortes Law Firm Midwest City Oklahoma’s unwavering dedication to addressing Oklahoma families’ legal needs persists in offering an extensive range of services, including estate planning, probate real estate, and general counsel. Their proficiency and client-oriented ethos render them a dependable ally for those seeking empathetic and adept legal counsel in estate and probate affairs.

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