Cortes Law Firm Is Helping Families Successfully Complete Probate Proceedings in Lawton, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City attorney Steve Cortes is helping families in Comanche County, Oklahoma, understand and petition for probate after the death of a loved one.

Probate law guides the distribution of wealth, that one has acquired throughout their life, to their legal heirs after their passing. There are several determinations that have to be made including the legitimacy of the last will or pour-over will, the appointing of the estate’s Personal Representative, the identities of who qualifies as a legal heir to the estate, and many more.

The probate process can take a while to complete, usually 4 to 5 months, but only under the watchful eye of an experienced probate attorney such as Steve Cortes. Generally, most families run into roadblocks that draw out the proceedings to anywhere from 5 to 7 months. If there is a dispute between the legal heirs, this time can extend and even take years.

The first step is for someone close to the testator to draft an initial Petition for Probate. The person who files the petition will also be generally appointed as the Personal Representative for the estate or, as they are sometimes called, the Executor. The Comanche County court also has to determine whether they have jurisdiction to hear the matter as the creator of the will must reside or own assets in the county for its ruling to be applicable.

The Lawton probate attorney talks about what clients can expect after the process begins by saying, “Once the court has appointed an Executor, has ascertained the validity of the will, and identified the beneficiaries, there is the issue of giving creditors enough time to file a claim against the estate if any debts have to be paid. All the legal heirs need to be on the same page regarding the parts of the estate that the Personal Representative can sell and a written agreement has to be signed. From the start of the proceedings to the closing of the estate, you may have to prepare for uncertainties. Having a seasoned probate attorney, such as myself, by your side will ensure that you and your family are ready for anything, even last-minute surprises.”

Steve Cortes has over 20 years of experience providing personalized, cost-effective estate planning solutions for individuals, families, and business owners. He received his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the Oklahoma City University School of Law in 1999 and holds active memberships in the Oklahoma Bar Association and Oklahoma County Bar Association. He was also selected to the 2022 SuperLawyers List for his contributions to his clients in and around Oklahoma City. He can assist his clients with estate and trust planning, probate administration, wills, and trusts, advance health care directives, powers of attorney, pour-over, last will, and testament, HIPAA authorization, real estate in trust, and more.

Clients have showered enormous praise on the services offered by Cortes Law Firm on its Google Business Profile where it has a perfect overall 5.0 out of 5.0 rating from over 30 reviews. The reviews cite the firm’s quick and responsive customer service, knowledgeable staff, and dedication to treating their case with dignity and respect following a tremendous loss.

One reviewer says, “Mr. Cortes is a big-hearted, wonderful spirit. His promises are legally delivered. He would take time, listen to my case and if it was not winnable he wouldn't charge me. He is one the most unselfish lawyers I have ever known. May God bless him and his family.” Another client recounts their experience by saying, “Thanks for quickly and efficiently getting our estate plan done. We are leaving town and didn’t have months to wait. Steve Cortes and his paralegal, Sydney, were able to get it done within a week. We feel so much better knowing we have a plan in place before our trip.”

Readers can contact the Cortes Law Firm in Oklahoma City at (405) 213-0856 for legal counsel regarding matters of estate planning and probate.

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