Boomer Benefits Answers Medicare Questions

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Fort Worth, Texas -

Fort Worth, Texas based Boomer Benefits has launched a new Medicare FAQ page which provides free advice on all Medicare topics. Founded in 2005, Boomer Benefits is an award-winning insurance agency for national insurance carriers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Mutual of Omaha and many other A-rated carriers.

Kelsey Mundfrom from Boomer Benefits says, “While Medicare is designed to help a lot of people, not everyone is able to make full use of it because they are not fully aware of what Medicare is or how exactly it functions. There are a lot of unknowns and a lot of things that seem complex about how Medicare is structured, so there are a lot of questions without answers. We want to do our part to help people better understand Medicare and the benefits they can gain from it. This is why we created a Medicare FAQ page.”

One of the major questions answered in the page is the question of whether Medicare covers certain procedures. As the company explains, the answer to even a question this simple is not always as cut and dry as would be preferred. While Medicare does state what it does and does not cover, there are a lot of correlating factors that go into a service or procedure being covered. A procedure’s medical necessity, the doctor’s participation, and how the bill is coded are some examples of variables that affect the answer to this question.

Medicare’s official definition of medically necessary is the following: “Health care services or supplies needed to diagnose or treat an illness, injury, condition, disease, or its symptoms and that meet accepted standards of medicine.” Based on this definition alone, there are certain procedures that seem like they are allowed and others that are not. However, if there is a medical necessity for a procedure that might not immediately seem like it is medical necessary — for example, botox to treat migraine — it will be allowed. The doctor in question has to participate in the Medicare program as well.

This is not the only question answered by the website either. The FAQ page lists many questions, including what people can expect from their Medicare visit, what Medigap is and what it offers, what an age-attained policy is, what each Plan covers and much more. All of this is explained in detail, in simplified terms. Find the Boomer Benefits Medicare FAQ page at the following link:

Providing high quality insurance services and proving their commitment to their clients’ wellbeing via services like the FAQ page has earned Boomer Benefits great praise from their clients. Ken K. writes in his review, “I just want to thank you and your staff, especially Ms. Galvan, for her great customer service. It is such a pleasure to do business with a company that trains their associates to take care of their customers' needs at such a high level. She was very professional at every level of our transaction. I will make sure I tell all of my family and friends about your company, and the great service that I received. Thank you Ms. Galvan.”

Carol Skogh writes in her review, “Boomer Benefits was recommended to me by numerous work colleagues at American Airlines for guidance and assistance with Medicare information and assistance. When I contacted Boomer Benefits, I was assisted by Tyler Wall. We had three appointments, during which he patiently, and repeatedly, explained definitions, regulations, and plan differences and options to me. He assisted with getting me signed up for the plans most appropriate for me, and also initiated a search and referrals for new doctors for me. I felt comfortable working with Tyler Wall, and was encouraged by his knowledge, as well as his willingness to look up a lot of comparison info for me. I look forward to working with Tyler and Boomer Benefits with future needs. Thank you!”

Those who are interested in taking advantage of the insurance services offered by Boomer Benefits or simply wish to learn more about the company should visit their website to get started. Kelsey Mundfrom encourages interested parties to get in touch with an agent via phone for any questions or concerns. Social media users can also connect with Boomer Benefits on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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About Boomer Benefits :

Boomer Benefits is an award winning agency, licensed in 48 states. They are on a mission to help Baby Boomers through their New-to-Medicare transition every year.

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