Tree Experts Orlando Launches a Nonprofit Organization to Maintain Carbon Neutrality In The Environment

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Orlando, Florida -

Orlando, Florida – Following the recent reports showing that the carbon emissions rate is increasing at an alarming rate, Tree Experts Orlando found it thoughtful to start a nonprofit organization that would focus most on maintaining a healthy environment by reducing carbon gasses in the surrounding.

"The Tree Experts Orlando research team recently did an environmental analysis to determine how much carbon gases are emitted into the surroundings daily," said Henley Dianna, the Tree Experts Orlando CEO.

Orlando Tree Pruning

"The findings were not pleasing, and hence something had to be done, or else the next generation will have to deal with a messed up environment," continued Henley Dianna. "As a result, together with the other company members, we found it wise to start a nonprofit whose prime role will be to take actions that improve the environment."

Henley Dianna noted that the Tree Experts Orlando nonprofit mainly focuses on planting and maintaining trees in public areas and parks.

"Trees are significant in maintaining a healthy environment," said Henley Dianna.

"Being in the tree care industry," continued Henley Dianna, "the best that the Tree Experts Orlando nonprofit organization can do for the environment is to improve the existing trees and add more. My team will do this in public spaces and the local parks."

To understand better how Tree Experts Orlando helps homeowners to improve their trees, view the company web page at:

"The newly launched nonprofit organization targets to plant and improve over 50,000 trees in the next four months," added Henley. "This doesn't mean the organization will be dissolved after four months. On the contrary, the organization is here for a lifetime."

Henley Dianna also revealed that the Tree Experts Orlando nonprofit organization would also do campaigns in Orlando and its suburbs, educating people on how to avoid activities that endanger the environment.

"The carbon emissions are mainly from human activities," said Henley Dianna. "Some, for now, can't be avoided, but there are actions that can be put in place to control the amount carbon gasses released into the environment."

"The organization will start a campaign tomorrow informing people in different industries the measures they can put in place to limit the amount of carbon gases released into the environment from their systems," confirmed Henley Dianna.

"During the campaign," continued Henley Dianna, "the team will also inform homeowners about the importance of taking care and planting trees. That way, the goal to achieve carbon neutrality will be made easier, as homeowners will take responsibility in ensuring their immediate environment is improved."

Henley Dianna revealed that the organization's progress in planting and improving trees and the campaigns would be shared with homeowners through the Tree Experts Orlando media room.

"We will share every move the Tree Experts Orlando nonprofit organization takes to improve the environment through the Tree Experts Orlando media room," said Henley Dianna. "Homeowners can check it out and share ideas on what they think would help to make the environment better again."

Henley Dianna then revealed that the organization's funding would be from bookings made by homeowners.

"The nonprofit organization solely depends on the money that Tree Experts Orlando will be making from offering tree care services to homeowners in Orlando and the neighboring regions," said Henley Dianna. "Every booking made with Tree Experts Orlando will significantly affect environmental improvement. However, we will still maintain very affordable tree service costs."

Tree Experts Orlando offices are 10802 Satellite Blvd, Orlando, FL 32837, United States. Homeowners can also contact the company by calling +1 321-340-2817 or emailing

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Tree Experts Orlando is a family-owned tree service with over 20-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Orlando & Orange County.

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