eDental Perth Provides a Caring, Friendly and Gentle Dentist in Perth

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eDental Perth, a dental clinic in Perth, wants to emphasize that what distinguishes them from other dentists in Perth is that patients can be sure to find a friendly, caring, and gentle dentist in their dental practice. Their most common treatments include: dental crowns, fillings, root canal therapy, wisdom tooth management, x-rays, extractions, Invisalign, and a general dental check up. They offer general dental treatment in Perth and with five treatment rooms, they can usually provide same-day treatment for a patient’s dental needs. The general dental treatments the offer include: clean and scale; oral hygiene, including fluoride treatment; chipping tooth management; toothache; x-rays; and treatment programs for bad breath or gum disease.

eDental Perth also provides emergency dental treatment services and anyone who requires emergence services can contact them immediately by phone and talk with their expert team. Their emergency services are typically for: knocked-out tooth; broken or chipped tooth; and toothache.

Dental Clinic in Perth

They can also provide dental implants for a single teeth or the All-on-4 for multiple missing teeth. For those who are missing a single tooth or possibly a number of missing teeth, the most frequent procedure is to have a titanium screw implant with an artificial crown placed on top. This results in a natural looking tooth that feels and functions like a natural tooth. For those who have a whole row of teeth missing, the All-on-4 can be used. Instead of placing an implant for each tooth, the dentist will put in place four implants as the primary anchors and these will provide support for a new denture. This offers a stronger support compared to the conventional denture and will also feel and function like natural teeth.

The dentist in Perth can also provide Invisalign treatment, which uses a set of virtually invisible aligners made of thermoplastic material. These transparent aligners appear like teeth whitening trays and offer the advantage of being practically invisible to the common eye so the common observer will not notice that one is wearing aligners. These Invisalign aligners are custom-made for each patient in a sequence that is determined by the dentist. Each aligner in the series has the purpose of gradually moving the teeth slightly from their present position. After about two weeks, the patient will change to a new set of aligners, and so on. The total duration of the treatment will depend on the severity of the case but on the average, the treatment would take about 12 months for adults. And while some may experience some discomfort for a few days at the start, this will usually go away after a couple of days.

They can also offer dental crowns, which could be the solution for damaged teeth. The dental crown is custom designed and fitted for the specific tooth of the patient. The dental crown is fabricated by advanced dental technicians and it serves as a special cap or helmet to protect the remaining tooth from being exposed to excessive plaque and from its neighbouring teeth. An important benefit of the dental crown is that it will look like natural teeth.

They can also provide root canal therapy, which can be the solution for various tooth ailments like: trauma; deep decay; recurrent decay under a crown, filling, or veneer; tooth/enamel wear; periodontal or gum disease; and prior extensive dental work on a single tooth.

Founded in 2018, eDental Perth is a dental clinic located in Rivervale, WA, that ensures patients will be served by experienced, qualified, and friendly staff who will devote all the time needed to fully comprehend the patient’s concerns and expectations. Using a top down approach, the dentists at eDental Perth always consider their patient’s needs as their top priority and make sure that the dental treatment is provided with a gentle and caring attitude every time. Before starting any dental treatment, they will always take the time to discuss the patient’s medical history, concerns, and goals.

Those who are looking for a reliable Perth dentist can check out the eDental Perth website or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm from Monday to Sunday.

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About eDental Perth :

Delivering dentistry in a cost-effective, painless, and professional manner in a friendly environment. The whole team of dentists at EDental clinic in Perth are fully trained, skilled, and certified to provide you with the expertise you are looking for.

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Kaitlin Hampel

eDental Perth
14/49 Great Eastern Highway
Rivervale, WA 6103

1300 467 112

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