Extra Strength CBD Oil Available For Pain & Anxiety Relief

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Paradise Valley, AZ based Alpha Therapeutics LLC is offering customers a formulation of concentrated CBD oil that may improve its therapeutic effects. The company understands that CBD users who are experiencing some benefit from standard CBD products may be looking for a stronger alternative that works even better. Today, they are pleased to make this Extra Strength option available for all.

“More and more people across the country are discovering the advantages of CBD oil,” states Alpha Therapeutics, “and we are proud to be part of the movement. Thanks to our products, thousands have been able to manage their pain and more, allowing themselves to start living life on their terms again. CBD also has the potential to help reduce anxiety, which can also make it difficult to take part in activities with family and friends — or even enjoy a moment’s peace — even if you are physically able.”

extra strength CBD topical for pain

The company continues, “Previously, you may have tried our regular CBD oil products in search of an answer and found only limited relief. However, you may have noticed it still made a difference, even if it was not enough. We have talked to our community about this for some time, and we hear you. If the regular CBD oil is not enough, we encourage you to consider our Extra Strength CBD oil instead.” Many have already given this product a try, and the company is proud to share that it has proven to be a hit in the CBD community.

For instance, one of the product’s reviewers says that it boosts their speed of recovery, minimizes pain and helps them sleep after a workout. The review highlights the fact that, “When you work out, you put stress on your body. The faster I recover, the more I can work out, and the better I feel when I do a workout.” The review adds, “Inflammation pain is the most common pain that I experience. but using CBD it’s a safer treatment for inflammation pain.” Finally, on the topic of sleep, it says, “Poor sleep hinders recovery and performance. I need good sleep for my body to heal after a strenuous workout. Plus, when I don’t sleep enough, I won’t be able to give it my all out the following day. If you have sleep troubles that come from pain, anxiety, or another condition, CBD can help. It really helps me and my wife sleep better.”

While it is recommended that customers start with other products before trying the stronger variant, the company acknowledges that some may start here. Fortunately, Alpha Therapeutics shares that customers have reported no side effects, though they also encourage customers to speak with their physician before using any CBD product. Should they receive the all-clear, however, they will find that this product is as easy and convenient to use as the others.

A customer needs only to squeeze one full dropper under their tongue. The tongue can then be used to coat the inside of the mouth, and the company says it is best to leave the product as is for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. The Alpha Therapeutics YouTube channel also has tutorial videos that demonstrate the best consumption techniques. Each bottle of the extra strength CBD topical for pain, for instance, contains 30 servings (where a single serving is equal to a full dropper). Users will intake 100mg of CBD and 50mg CBG per serving.

Another review of the company’s CBD products says, “As a professional ultrarunner, I stand by Alpha products as the best out there. I routinely use CBD oil for help with my recovery and sleep, and the salve has been a great addition for easing sore muscles. Highly recommend this company and their product!”

Alpha Therapeutics encourages the community to learn more about CBD if they are new to the industry. Those who are already familiar but would like to increase their dosage are welcome to try the company’s Extra Strength CBD oil today. All of the company’s products can be purchased from the official Alpha Therapeutics website.

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Manufacturer of CBD oil and healing balms. Our CBD oil tinctures and healing balms utilize organic, fair trade raw materials that are triplicate tested to ensure exceptional product quality for superior pain mitigation and pain management benefits.

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