Family Member of a Client Says Novo Detox is the One Addiction Treatment Center People Can Rely On

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Los Angeles, California -

Los Angeles, California — The sister of a man who found sobriety at Novo Detox has praised the care her brother received there. In a five-star review on Google, she called the Los Angeles-area facility “the one addiction treatment center you can rely on!

“They’re very professional and caring, trying to assess the problem in every right way possible,” the sister, Paige, wrote enthusiastically. “I was lucky enough to find these guys for my brother. He’s much better now, so thank you!”

Novo Detox Belaire Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Novo Detox is part of a nationwide network providing all levels of care for alcohol and drug addiction. Besides offering proven therapeutic approaches to find and treat the root causes of each client’s unique addiction, Novo creates a comfortable, welcoming physical environment where each person is treated with dignity and respect. With only six beds located in the upscale Bel-Aire section of Los Angeles, care is highly personalized and attuned to client needs.

Novo provides the entire continuum of therapeutic care, from detox to residential/inpatient rehab, outpatient care, and aftercare. Treatment settings include partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs, with telehealth and virtual care for those who cannot travel to the center. Clients are assisted by a caring, compassionate team of treatment specialists in recovering from drug and alcohol addiction along with accompanying mental health conditions such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, codependency, and impulse control disorder. These psychological conditions are treated as part of a dual diagnosis, which views addiction as a symptom of an underlying emotional disorder rather than the primary issue.

Throughout the client’s recovery journey, programs emphasize medical safety, comfort, and nourishment by providing outstanding professional expertise, cutting-edge science, proven detox medicines, holistic therapies, and efficiency. In addition, treatment plans are custom-designed and updated as the client’s needs change.

Customized medical detox programs are based on the client’s bio-genetic metabolic profile. Data from the profile can be used to determine the client’s metabolic rate, a crucial factor in prescribing the most effective medications for supporting sobriety.

Novo takes a holistic approach that treats the whole person, not just the addiction. For example, clients receive nutrition counseling to strengthen the body against the physical stress of addiction recovery and enjoy a healthy, nutritious diet that includes fresh vegetable and fruit juices and healthy smoothies. Alternative treatments, given alongside traditional ones, include acupuncture, herbology, reflexology, detox massages, qigong, tai chi, yoga, stretching, and meditation.

Novo’s teams use various therapeutic modalities to guide clients to recovery. Two of the many are cognitive behavioral therapy, which targets anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions, and dialectical behavioral therapy. This similar therapy teaches people to live in the moment rather than looking back regretfully at the past or worrying about the future. Clients learn healthy ways to cope with stress, regulate their emotions and improve their relationships with others.

Another essential focus at Novo is relapse prevention, which takes a skills-based, cognitive-behavioral approach to identify situations putting the addict at greater risk for relapse. The client learns to recognize and reject “automatic thoughts” – pleasant feelings surrounding substance use and negative thoughts related to sobriety, triggered by the appearance of people and places associated with drug or alcohol use.

Three top agencies fully accredit Novo Detox: the Joint Commission, a non-profit organization that certifies more than 22,000 U.S. healthcare organizations and programs; the California Department of Health Care Services; and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. For help with drug or alcohol addiction for yourself or a loved one, visit Novo Detox or call 844-834-1777.

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Novo Detox is the #1 addiction treatment center in Los Angeles. Residential and outpatient for substance abuse disorders. Alcohol detox, rehab, drug detox and rehab.

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