Home Service Direct Appreciated by Client for A Successful 2022

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Huntington Beach, California -

Huntington Beach, California – Home Service Direct, a company based in Huntington Beach, California, received an appreciation message from one of its clients—Daniel Wood—who noted that Home Service Direct had changed the trajectory of his tree care company in 2022. In the message, Daniel mentioned that before he connected with Home Service Direct, he was almost going into debt to keep his tree care company alive.

“Before I came across Home Service Direct on the internet,” said Daniel Wood, “my company’s sales team was always engaged on the phone trying to convert leads into paying clients. We were running Google and Facebook Ads. However, the ad spend was always higher than our generated revenue.”

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Daniel noted that one of the Google Ads campaigns he had run cost him $3700. While the ad campaign generated many leads, the leads that converted into paying customers paid less than $1,000 for the services.

“The only reason I did not close my company was that it was passed on to me by my father when he decided to retire,” said Daniel. “It is a company he had spent his entire life building. I did not want my dad to regret his decision. So I was willing to go to any depth—including going into debt—to keep my dad’s dream of a successful tree care company alive. Luckily, I found Home Service Direct before I went into debt.”

Daniel noted that he came across a Home Service Direct Ad on YouTube while browsing videos on how to run better tree service ads.

“In the ad,” said Daniel, “the Home Service Direct CEO introduced himself as David Longacre and explained what his company does. It is like David had looked into my mind before creating that YouTube ad. Everything he said in the ad somehow resonated with me.”

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“One call is all it took to keep my tree care company alive without borrowing money,” Daniel added. “When I called, the person on the other end of the line had the best ideas to get my company off the ground. I immediately requested a quote to see what I would pay for verified tree service leads. Surprisingly, the cost was way below what I had expected.”

Daniel noted that he waited for two days while the Home Service Direct team worked to generate qualified leads for him. When he received the leads in his email, Daniel was surprised when his sales team closed 100% of them.

“I was tired of dealing with non-converting leads,” said Daniel Wood. “So, when Home Service Direct mentioned that they offered shared and exclusive leads, I immediately jumped on the exclusive leads train. Exclusive leads were costlier than shared leads. However, I knew when I was not sharing leads with another tree care company, the conversion would be as easy as 1-2-3. Just 48 hours after paying for the leads, I received ten exclusive leads, and my team closed all of them, resulting in $20,000 in revenue. One lead paid the Home Service Direct monthly cost.”

Daniel noted that he had used Home Service for a whole year. He stated that he started working with Home Service Direct in January of 2022 and saved himself from taking a loan to keep his company alive.

People who want to stay updated about Home Service Direct can check out the company’s media room. Those who want to know more about the Home Service Direct lead generation services can visit the company’s offices at 20122 Bayfront Ln #201, Huntington Beach, CA 92646, United States. Alternatively, they can contact the company at +1 714-243-8790 or

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