Chicago Website Design SEO Company Is Offering Web Design Services in Albany Park, Chicago, IL

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Chicago, Illinois -

Albany Park, Chicago, IL, business owners trying to get started with digital marketing are urged to check out the website design services offered by Chicago Website Design SEO Company (CWDSC).

Albany Park, located on the northwest side of Chicago, is one of the most diverse communities in the United States. Formerly populated by mostly Russian Jewish families, in the 1970s, immigrants from all over the world moved to Albany Park to build a better life for themselves. In 1978, the city government, the North River Commission, and the Lawrence Avenue Development Corporation undertook several projects including streetscape beautification, the Facade Rebate Program, low-interest loans, and other financing packages to unleash the community’s potential. As a result of those efforts, today the region boasts a strong demographic of mostly middle- and upper-middle-class families and thousands of businesses competing to serve them. Increasingly, Albany Park business owners who are struggling to stand out from the crowd are turning to digital marketing to get noticed locally and build an online reputation that drives visitors.

CWDSC CEO Jack Lombardi talks about the importance of a business having a website by saying, “Firstly, having a website adds legitimacy to your business. Though having a website is not a marker of quality, not having it definitely reduces trust, especially if a customer is trying to research a service provider they might not have heard of. Next, websites are the perfect way to collect all your relevant information including contact details, social media links, and company history in one place, so that your target customer can get to know you better. Finally, they are indispensable marketing tools. Having an updated content-rich website is the best chance you have of your business showing up in local search results for your target keywords. It is, without a doubt, the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. If you want the full picture of how a website can dramatically boost your Chicago-based business, please check out the directions from Albany Park to our office and visit us for an in-depth consultation.”

Chicago Website Design SEO Company can handle a wide variety of web design, content creation, and marketing services for its clients. Using a variety of modern web technologies, CWDSC can create websites that are attractive as well as fully responsive. They look great and are perfectly usable on any device imaginable including phones, desktops, and tablets. The company can also create content that is targeted at the business’s audience and can rise to the top of Google search results. Its web design and SEO-friendly content generation services are paired with high-quality graphic art from its talented designers, high-resolution relevant images, and a robust hosting service with an industry-leading 99.8% uptime record.

Jack Lombardi then advises business owners against using custom website builders by saying, “You may have seen several ads online, on TV, or during your favorite podcasts, for DIY website building tools that claim to make it extremely easy to build one. Though that is partially true, those tools are not well suited for everyone, especially established businesses that need more than just a basic website. Firstly, DIY websites do not follow Google’s best practices. They make optimizing the website for SEO extremely difficult and can damage your brand’s online visibility. Moreover, you also need an experienced graphic designer to work alongside you to make websites that truly match the expectations of modern internet users. Finally, custom website builders don’t solve the problem of regular SEO-optimized content and digital marketing for you. By assigning your digital marketing efforts, including website creation, to the professionals, you can free yourself from worrying about it and solely focus on improving your core business proposition.”

Chicago Website Design SEO Company Albany Park can be contacted at (312) 448-8310 for appointments and inquiries. For business owners who already have a website, the company offers a free 21-point SEO audit that can help them spot the mistakes holding their digital marketing efforts back.

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Chicago Website Design SEO Company is a full service digital marketing agency. Website design, SEO (search engine optimization) and digital ads are our core services, which include reputation management but not limited to.

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