Fresno Tree Service Acquires Its First Mecanil Grapple Saw

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Fresno, California – Following the expanded tree-slicing requests, Fresno Tree Service CEO, earlier today announced that the company had acquired its first modern-day mechanical grapple saw. According to the CEO, the brand-new machine has numerous features that make it stand out from the rest.

"For the last 3 months," stated the CEO, "Fresno Tree Service has registered thousands of tree elimination service requests. To handle all the requests comfortably, the company had to get a better machine that would help to make the procedure easier and faster.”

“After reviewing one too many tree-cutting machines,” added the CEO, “the company decided to settle with the modern-day mecanil grapple saw. What makes it unique from the rest? This device is both fast and safe to use when felling trees. Additionally, it can be controlled from the ground via a remote-control unit, eliminating the need for hand slicing."

The CEO noted that, earlier, specialists at Fresno Tree Service had been using conventional equipment and tools to cut the trees.

"Earlier," stated the CEO, "Fresno Tree Service had been using axes and handsaws to cut the trees. This left the personnel in grave danger of injuring themselves while performing the procedures. In fact, this has happened too frequently. More to that, the team would take a lot of time to cut one tree."

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The CEO stated that the fact that the new grapple reduces the possibility of the employees being injured would help reduce tree-cutting charges.

"The risk associated with performing a given procedure, is a major determinant of the amount of coins to be charged," said the CEO. "With the cutting-edge grapple technique, the possibility of getting hurt is nearly nil. As a result, Fresno Tree Service will have to reduce tree-cutting service charges, saving homeowners a significant amount of money."

The CEO made it clear that Fresno Tree Service is in the process of purchasing more grapple saws.

"Fresno Tree Service saw the need to own extra grapple saws after seeing the efficiency of the Mecanil grapple saw," said the CEO. "This will be accomplished before the end of this month since Fresno Tree Service has already started the process of procuring the grapple saws."

The CEO stated that more tree-cutting specialists will be added to the company's tree-cutting team.

"Before more grapple saws land at the enterprise grounds," stated the CEO, "Fresno Tree Service is making plans to recruit more tree removal experts. This is to ensure that all the grapple saws are put to use as soon as they arrive."

The CEO noted that the company will then distribute its tree-slicing crew throughout Fresno and its suburbs.

"Once the recruitment process is over," said the CEO, "the company will distribute the team throughout Fresno and its suburbs. Each team will then be given its grapple saw, so they won't have to wait for each other."

The CEO urged homeowners to make their tree-felling requests among other tree care requests for high-quality services.

"One grapple saw equals 1,000 hand saws and axes," stated the CEO. "Therefore, Fresno Tree Service can now perform over 1,000 tree elimination procedures with the grapple saw in a short while. This means that all homeowners will be attended to on time, and hence can make their orders at any time. This applies to all tree care services available at Fresno Tree Service."

Fresno Tree Service is located at 704 H St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States. Homeowners can also contact the company at +1 559-825-0045 or

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Tree Service Fresno is a Tree service in California. We service to the Fresno and Madera areas. We are a family owned business and have been providing all types of tree-related services for the last 25 years.

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