Round Rock Tree Experts Expand Its Tree-Planting Staff

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Round Rock, Texas – To be able to handle all the tree planting requests made, Round Rock Tree Experts earlier today announced that the company had added more employees to expand the tree planting team.

"In the last couple of months," said the CEO, "Round Rock Tree Experts has registered a very big increase in tree care requests received. To be able to handle all the planting requests without struggling, the company found it wise to recruit more employees. The whole recruitment process was successful, and today Round Rock Tree Experts is proud to welcome 20 new employees."

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Reportedly, Round Rock Tree Experts groups its employees depending on what they do best.

"Tree care is broad," said the CEO. "An employee might be knowledgeable in all niches of tree care, but there is always that one niche where his delivery can be rated at 100% compared to the rest. This is highly influenced by where his interest lies. To ensure that Round Rock Tree Experts clients always receive a 100, the company decided to group the employees into different tree care teams depending on what one is perfect in. Therefore, when the company discovered the increase in tree-planting requests, the only option was to hire tree-planting specialists. The hired specialists have all proved their professionalism in planting trees after letting them work on the company’s yard first before trusting them with the homeowner’s yard."

To see how Round Rock Tree Experts helps homeowners improve their trees, visit the company’s web page at

The CEO noted that Round Rock Tree Experts attributed the increased tree planting requests to the company’s recent campaign dubbed ‘Improve the Environment with Trees’. He then confirmed that the company will continue with the campaign to reach as many homeowners as possible for a better tomorrow.

"For the past year," said the CEO, "the Round Rock Tree Experts awareness team has been running a campaign in Round Rock and the entire neighborhood urging homeowners to plant trees to improve the environment. Since the increased planting requests indicate a positive response from homeowners, the team will continue spreading awareness for a better environment in the future."

The CEO revealed that Round Rock Tree Experts shares with homeowners all the moves and progress made by the company through its media room.

"A good relationship between a company and its clients is determined by how the two know each other," said the CEO. "For this reason, Round Rock Tree Experts uses its media room to help homeowners understand the company better. In addition to sharing about the company’s progress, like adding new employees, Round Rock Tree Experts also uses the media room to share important tree care tips and any findings made by the research team.”

The CEO also urged homeowners in Round Rock and its suburbs to make other tree care bookings with Round Rock Tree Experts as well.

"Taking care of trees is equally important to planting," said the CEO. "Don’t run away from the trees after planting; take care of them so that in the future you will see the returns on your investment. It is therefore advisable that, Round Rock and its suburbs' residents should make all tree care appointments with Round Rock Tree Experts. The company doesn’t mind adding more employees to the other tree care teams as well. In fact, that would be considered a win for both the company and the clients."

Round Rock Tree Experts' offices are located at 201 S. Mays St., Round Rock, TX 78664, United States. Homeowners can also contact the company at +1 512-641-5507 or

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About Round Rock Tree Experts :

Round Rock Tree Experts is a family-owned tree service with over 25-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Round Rock & Travis counties.

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Ford Isaias

201 S Mays St
Round Rock, TX, 78664


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